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The Emerging #Pandemic Fascism – Fragments of Dissonance

Germany. March 27, 2020. A police van in every park in Berlin. The crew watches every activity of those who dared to venture into the spring sun with suspicion. Three children playing football are a reason to intervene. It was years ago that we learned that from three upwards you are a terrorist organisation.

Originally published by Non Copyriot. Written by Sebastian Lotzer. Translated by Enough 14.

Liewer düd aß Slaawe” [1] – Better dead than a slave

Magic Pandemic

A police van in every park in Berlin. The crew watches every activity of those who dared to venture into the spring sun with suspicion. Three children playing football are a reason to intervene. It was years ago that we learned that from three upwards you are a terrorist organisation. So now the children, too. Totally arbitrary magnitudes are announced and enforced. We remember that only a few weeks ago, tens of thousands of people were gathering in soccer stadiums, when thousands had already died in China from the virus, which is now being used as a justification for every absurdity of the pandemic state of emergency. Three children are a danger, fifty people in an S-Bahn wagon on their way to work in socially senseless jobs is no problem.

In general, the magic of numbers, like pulled by magical hand, the reference figures change almost daily. First, all gatherings of more than 1000 people were banned, then all of them over 100, and of course this also affected all demonstrations. One could have saved oneself the trouble, German leftists, trained in powerlessness and subdued, already cancelled all gatherings, even those with the most harmless nature. And the small rest of it, those who, in deviation from this, did not want to surrender, received the new presence unit in the “Nordkiez” [2] in Berlin. But let’s get back to the magic of numbers. Let’s get back to all the magic that the political class conjures out of its hat every day for our entertainment. It is as if for years they have practiced and lived only for these moments of magic. (Spoiler: They did. For decades emergency exercises have been taking place with different scenarios).

Every day, new measures that were unthinkable yesterday are being considered, thrown into the ring, and then announced with gusto. Some cruelty takes your breath away, even hardcore BZ editors [3] need to swallow first. The SPD health senator announced offstage at the state press conference that all people over 70 should now be put in quarantine. As if they were all small, unintelligent children who would not understand that one should not touch a hot stove. But who asks these people, these people who are largely aware of the finiteness of their existence, whether they want to be locked up at all for “their own safety”. For an indefinite time. Because nobody knows how long the whole “affair” will last. It is a misery with this virus, one does not know so much about it and the path it will take, but still one has to announce every day what is necessary to fight it. So perhaps “all the old people” (I am sure that members of the political class would not fall under this quarantine) should be locked up for 6 or 12 months. Or maybe for two whole years, just to be on the safe side. But if I now know about the finiteness of my life and the limited time I will have left, then I should wait for my safety in my apartment in front of the TV for who is faster, ordinary death or the virus ?

The old people in my house, and there are plenty of them here, are already conspiring. They are standing together in the stairwell and whispering to each other and the other day two of them, who were standing there together apparently with all their innocence, told me quite boldly that they were lucky that there were no cops around, otherwise they would be suspects now and perhaps locked away immediately. The old people in my house are not stupid and they know exactly what they are doing. They’ve been fighting with the landlord, Deutsche Wohnen [4] , for years. And they meet regularly downstairs in the common room and write fire letters, and they also write urgent letters to the media and have good lawyers. Without any left-wing agitators.

That Auntie from the SPD should prepare herself for a rough ride. And at my place no one stands on the balcony in the evening and applaud like an idiot, because they are not that stupid here. Except one or two. He or she hammers ever evening on whatever like crazy. But this is the only one here, I swear. And in the immediate gossip vicinity, there are about 1000 people living in my concrete ghetto. I don’t know how he or she got here.

You’ll notice that this thing with the magic of numbers has already taken hold of the author. So, infected with that, let’s move on. Last year there were about 38 million people worldwide living with an HIV infection, 770.000 (!!) people died in one year from the consequences of Aids (plus the number of unreported cases). More than one third of all HIV infected people worldwide still do not have access to the necessary medication to survive.

At the end of 2018, around 87,900 people in Germany were living with HIV and 71,400 people were taking HIV medication. In this country, 88% of HIV infections are diagnosed, 93% of those diagnosed receive HIV medication, and 95% of them are no longer detectable. More than half of all new infections with HIV occur in East and South Africa.

More than three quarters of a million people die every year from a disease that can now not only be properly treated but also cured at an incredibly high rate. You can see for yourself, the magic of numbers, can’t you?

Emergency – a normal situation for a long time now

But let us leave the magic of the world of numbers and turn to the cruelties of war. For WE are at war. The enemy is practically invisible and comes, as almost always, from the East. That’s why the Bundeswehr [5] is now allowed to get involved. It’s also better for the troops. Always bumming around and watching how all the material bought for a lot of money falls apart and only represents the scrap value is not nice. From the beginning of April, 15,000 men and women (humans are now gendered at the national defense) are ready for the operation. They just have to be requested. The main focus is on “quarantine accommodation”, protection of space and objects, protection of critical infrastructures, support of security services,…

In Meppen they have already taken good care of it, the first (“medially known”, assumes there are more) camp for people who broke the corona quarantine has been set up in a sports hall. This could be guarded by the German Armed Forces. And if it should get out of hand with unintelligent inhabitants of the Empire, well, the soccer stadiums are empty at the moment.

In the German state of Baden Würtemberg (green PM), data records of people who are sick are now being handed over to the police. The legal basis for this is not yet clear, but who cares about such details. Our Greens in general, the ones with the nice “Save the bees election posters”. In Thuringia (“red-red-green” governs) there was not only the martial police operation of hundreds of cops in full body gear against a handful of “unintelligent refugees” in an internment camp, there they were the first to go ahead and had already requested the German Armed Forces weeks ago to guard the imprisoned refugees.

For homeless people, refugees, “illlegals”, Treber juveniles [6], … there are no financial compensation programs, no home office. No cheering from the balcony. Those who have not been able to meet ends with the money and have kept their heads above water by moonlighting or other tricks, can now see where he or she stays. The basic provision of psychosocial care for people with mental problems, illnesses or crises is collapsing at the moment. The old drinkers, who until now have only gotten through the day with the prospect of spending a few hours with like-minded people in the evening, are now isolated in the shack and the rope is already dangling from the ceiling. Every ninth child between the ages of 6 and 18 in this country is already mentally ill or suffering from psychosomatic complaints. Almost 10% of all people in this country already suffer from a diagnosed depression (with an unbelievably high number of unreported cases). Everyone can imagine what will happen in the coming weeks and months under the conditions of the state of emergency.

Subservience, fear and rebellion

A person who needs to be born artificially in order to survive and has to spend the first days of his life in an incubator will die if the nurses do not take him out of the incubator every few hours and caress him. In this picture the whole existence of humans is present. We are all preemies, all our lives. We are dependent on the social reflection of ourselves, on encounter, exchange, love, tangency.

“I’m driving, she’s in the back seat, the one opposite of my seat. Even if we sleep in the same bed, if they stop us now next to each other they might report us, someone says imprisonment. But we decided to avoid taking risks because we’re breaking the law today, we’re already breaking it. We’re out without a “good reason”.

While fear of being infected is rampant everywhere, panic, well stoked and fed, thinking and weighing up is covered in a fog, many are voluntarily isolated and call for more state, repression and control in total subordination, there is also a counter-movement that is slowly beginning to form up.

The first wave of this countermovement are the worldwide prison revolts, which now have spread to almost all continents. Simultaneous revolts in two dozen Italian prisons (with more than 20 dead prisoners), a wave of rebellion also in the prisons and internment camps for refugees in France, in Colombia the wings are burning, in Bogota alone more than 20 prisoners die in the process. Uprisings also in Argentina, on the African continent,…

In France, where the curfews are much stricter than here, there has been a countermovement in the poorer districts, the suburbs, from the very beginning. In the beginning, the cops tried to enforce the curfews with repression. In a Paris suburb, more than 1000 people were stopped and fined within a very short time, which is equal to 10% of the fines imposed nationwide, and many people were victims of racist police violence, arbitrarily stopped and maltreated. But every day cars burn, cops are ambushed and attacked by large groups. Now there is an order not to enforce the curfew by any means, because “one fears a further escalation”. The first Corona riots took place in Bogotá, several thousand people chanted “We are hungry” and there were lootings. In Palermo there was free shopping, now there are police units in front of the supermarkets.

After large parts of the worldwide left practiced repeating prayers of the state rules of conduct in the first days of the global spreading pandemic, #stayhome, more and more texts appear that take a dissident position, significantly from regions that are far more affected by the pandemic than Germany, such as France or Italy. The task now will be to develop reflections on how it is possible, under the conditions of the emerging pandemic fascism, to further fuel the social conflictuality that stretched from Beirut to Baghdad and Chile with the Gilets Jaunes and the autumn of the revolts. This will only be possible in demarcation to those leftists who are currently subdued to the crisis logic of the Empire, i.e. who are essentially system relevant.


[1] “Liewer düd aß Slaawe” means Better dead than a slave. It is a political slogan in Frisian that was first proven in the 19th century. It has since been used in numerous Frisian dialect variants and spelling versions, such as Leewer duad ü(ü)s slaaw or Lever duad as Slav, but also in Low German or Standard German.

[2] The “Nordkiez” is the northern part of the the Friedrichshain  district in Berlin. Riot cops are now patrolling even more regularly in for example Rigaer street, and Liebig street.

[3] BZ, Berliner Zeitung, a tabloid from Berlin.

[4] Deutsche Wohnen is a German property company, and one of the 50 companies that compose the MDAX index

[5] The German army is called Bundeswehr.

[6] Treber juveniles (Treber is German) are young people who have run away from home and live on the streets.

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