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#Chile: The worst virus is the capitalist catastrophe [pamphlet] – Call for a general strike in Chile in times of the #coronavirus

Chile. March 26. A new pamphflet from the Chilean territory, calling for a general strike for life and against capital.

Originally published by Vamos hacia la vida. Translated by Enough 14.

The worst virus is the capitalist catastrophe

In the face of the current health crisis, which is the result of the massive spread of COVID-19 among the world’s population, the state has been described as “inefficient” and “inoperative” in terms of the measures it has taken to protect the population. The reality, the truth, is that the State is highly efficient in its true purpose: to keep running the machine of capitalist exploitation that is fed by wage labor. In fact, the state has demonstrated its efficiency to such an extent that it has exposed the vast majority of the working population to contagion for weeks just to avoid economic losses to the business community. And it will continue to do so.

Our needs, the human needs, are completely opposite and enemy of the needs of the capitalist class: they want to accumulate wealth at all costs, that is, they want us to work to enrich them; while we want to live and stay healthy, therefore, we must stop working to avoid the risk of contagion.

There is no rational or humane reason not to stop working and public transport, the only reason why a total quarantine is not implemented is because they need our labour to create wealth. Therefore, the solution to this crisis can only come from us, i.e. a general strike of the whole working class. The inhumanity and greed of the capitalist class in the Chilean territory goes so far as to explicitly declare this health crisis as an excellent opportunity to do business. This is proven by the fact that they charge very high sums to have us tested for the virus, they raise the price of masks and other protective elements, while public hospitals barely have instruments to treat those who are affected, private clinics get rich by healing the rich. On the other hand, the executive directors of the AFPs are already thinking about the future earnings that will bring them thousands of unpaid pensions due to the death of the most vulnerable elderly.

For our exploiters the coronavirus is not a disgrace, it’s a business! They don’t want to stop the virus from spreading, they want to stop it from affecting their business!

The state has already made its choice – as if the deaths and torture during the revolt were not enough to demonstrate the true repressive role of the state – and has chosen the economic gain of capital over our lives. For those who govern us, our lives are numbers on a graphic. What’s more, on television they openly broadcast their expectations about the number of infections they expect in the coming months. They do not seek to save lives, they only calculate how many of us may die without the exploitation machine being stopped. So, we must, we NEED to choose our lives over their profits.



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