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No Border Kitchen #Lesvos: Beyond #Moria lies the future.

Lesvos. Greece. March 29, 2020. As the goverment of greece makes it clear they are closing moria step by step, what is there more say? From all sorts of organisations, collectives and institutions it has been made clear that the people must be evacuated now. But it doesn’t matter. While they systematicly close Moria more and more with the excuse of corona, they will soon start to build a closed camp. From the month of May, the greek goverment will no longer supply people with the basic allowance that gives at least some means to feed themselves, buy phone credit to stay in contact with relatives etc. This until at some undetermined time in the future they will place ATM’s inside the camp. Some of the people that dared to make the crossing from turkey to greece in the last week are still packed in unhcr tents on the shores where they landed, unable to move.

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.

This will send a message to all the people that want to try to get to Europe.

The message is: “If you try to get here, you will be held in a camp isolated from the rest of the world with nothing and if you are not reconised as a “legitimate” refugee we will send you right back where you came from”.

This idea that migrants are so radically different from us is false. National identities are made up. And they are made so that it appears as though we have more in common with a milionairs or career politicians than with people who risk everything to come to a place to seek the same thing most of the people in the world want:


In fact most of us have very little in common with the kings,queens, landlords, ceo’s and presidents.
Those of us who oppose these tendancies and declare ourselves in solidarity with those who are on the move do this because we realise that actually there we are all being througoughly fucked by the same people, who are organised in structures that we call goverment. Goverment in turn legitimates their authority through force. And their position to use violence, both immaterial by introducing policy and laws that make peoples lives harder and activly by using violence to defend those decisions. However, if we want to be in solidarity with people on the move, we simultaniously have to oppose these structures that uphold this oppression. Nation states and the european union have time and time again, throughout history proven that economic interest always take precendent over whatever human rights. Or maybe better said, over humans in general.

We keep letting ourselves be deceived in such a way that we support a system that activly puts people in these terrible conditions. With the situation in Moria so painfully clear, and the future darker then ever before, what more can we write?

That’s right.

Get Angry. Get Organized.

No Border Kitchen Lesvos, March29, 2020.

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