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The end of a cynical game: Turkish authorities evict people from #Pazarkule

Pazarkule. Turkey. March 27, 2020. The jungle camp of Pazarkule is history. Last night, the remaining people were transferred either to Istanbul or to nearby camps to be held in quarantine for the next two weeks.

Originally published by Are You Syrious (AYS). Image above: The Pazarkule jungle has been evicted. Photo: Twitter/@AntonisRepanas

Reportedly, in the end there were between 1,500 and 5,800 people. Several sources, including direct contacts of AYS, described the procedure as inhumane, after they had suffered from hunger over the last several days due to the absence of any NGOs or volunteers. During the eviction, police burned down the tents.

The AYS source writes:

If we enter the rooms they take the phones from us and everything.

People cannot understand what is happening to them and why they have now been imprisoned after being misused for a cynical political game. “We told them we wouldn’t do anything. We came to the border with your will. Why do you do this to us,” is one of the messages AYS was sent. From officials the people hear that even they do not know what to do now. Reportedly the Turkish interior minister said that after the risk of being infected is over they are free to go back to the border.

One of the new shelters. Source: Private

Refererring to Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND), Spiegel reports that clashes between people and border guards at the Turkish-Greek border were organized by the Turkish authorities. Reportedly they forced people in buses to go to the border. It is also said that Turkish forces were among the crowd. While Turkish representatives deny such accusations, AYS has also received footage suggesting that Turkish people were directly involved in the scenes, encouraging people to be violent, at a time when no one was allowed to enter the site.

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