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#Corona Virus – Class Warfare

UK. March 30, 2020. The London Times reported on a private event held at the end of February at which government advisor Dominic Cummings explained the UK’s coronavirus response. Those present summarised his position as “herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.” A senior Conservative source described his view as “let old people die.”

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The government’s disastrous original policy of “herd immunity” – allowing the virus to spread through the majority of the population relatively quickly – has been described as a “eugenic experiment.”

The rich, the political class, local government, utility companies, bosses and landlords, do not care about working class communities and see us as nothing more than easily replaced cash-cows – this is perfectly demonstrated by the lack of proper protective equipment for NHS staff/shop-workers/street cleaners/refuse collectors and all those on the front-line during this crisis. We have the numbers to crush that attitude.

Direct action, mutual aid and solidarity are our weapons – let’s fukkin use them.

Nietzsche & Anarchy – Psychology for Free Spirits,
Ontology for Social War:

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