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Update on anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Porto. Portugal. March 27, 2020. We recall that our anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva was arrested in Portugal on January 25th, after a year and half of clandestinity.

Originally published by 325.

During his confinement in the cells of the Porto judicial police station the defense has worked for his immediate release as the law “provides”. But, as we already know, that right is inversely proportional to power and Portugal has clearly demonstrated to be under the power of the Spanish State that wants to completely annihilate our comrade. They haven’t done it after 32 years behind bars, nor with isolation, torture and humiliation of all kinds, how can they think they will do it now!?

Mrs. Mercedes Alcázar Navarro (judge of court number 2 of Girona), in any case, is working hard on it and, for now, thanks to the close and subordinate collaboration of her Portuguese colleagues, has managed to convince the Lisbon Supreme Court to give in to her reasoning.

Today, March 27, we have learned that the aforementioned court has pronounced in favor of Gabriel’s extradition to the Spanish State. In fact that has finally been confirmed to us that this final judgment has been the fruit of the close collaboration of these two countries, and the issuance of the judgment took only 3 days (an appeal was presented by the defense on March 5th, received the following day, then was in the hands of the competent judges on March 23rd, and the sentence signed on March 26th!!!).

We are always convinced that it is state revenge against Gabriel, for him not having bowed to the authorities and for having faced with dignity and head held high an entire life in prison claiming his anarchism and coherence.

We will not waste any more time reflecting and writing about what is “judicial authority”, with what it has stopped doing, analyzing, examining, consider, etc … We remember, in any case, some fundamental points so that the reader does not lose track of the situation:

– The judge of court number 2 of Girona, Mercedes Alcázar Navarro, demands that Gabriel serve another 16 years in prison, which denies the “specialty principle” (thanks to which he was released 4 years ago), and which has not lost homogeneous legal validity throughout Europe. This same legal principle has been continually denied by the Guimaraes regional court (judges María Teresa Coimbra, Cándida Martinho, Antonio Teixeira) and the Tribunal Supreme Court of Lisbon (judges Helena Moniz and Nuno Gomes Da Silva).

– The judge of the aforementioned Girona court, Mercedes Alcázar Navarro, hid Gabriel’s immediate release order in May 2016 (for this it took 3 more weeks for Gabriel to be released), which is why this move of hers was denounced for “prevarication” (her attitude seems clearer now- revenge). This Navarro, in addition, during these last two months has not stopped putting pressure on Portugal in order to have Gabriel handed over to her. “This most dangerous individual”.

– Now, the defense will resort to the Constitutional Court, but it will be very difficult to modify the conclusion of the Supreme Court. Extradition will be suspended until the constitutional sentence is issued (more or minus a couple of weeks).

Gabriel is in good health and always accompanied by his combative spirit combative… Let’s continue expressing all our solidarity without letting this beautiful word be trapped in an empty shell. We do not lower our guard and we always expect the worst of our enemies; we are not naive and we know that we have to resist and fight to the end.


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  1. How about a little background on this man’s case? What was his “offense”?


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