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South Africa in times of the #coronavirus: Two Settlements Violently Attacked by the #eThekwini Municipality Today

South Africa. March 31, 2020. Two settlements affiliated to our movement, Azania in Cato Manor and Ekuphumeleleni in Mariannhill, were attacked by the eThekwini Municipality and subject to eviction today. In Azania 15 homes were destroyed. In Ekuphumeleleni, which has now been subject to three attacks from the eThekwini municipality since the national lockdown started, three homes were destroyed. After people’s homes were destroyed their building materials were broken, and then petrol was poured on them and they were burnt.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Both attacks were extremely aggressive and violent and left people injured. Five residents from Azania have been taken to hospital with serious injuries. In Azania live ammunition was used, and shots were fired despite the presence of children and elderly people. Both evictions were carried about by the notorious Calvin Security, an organisation that consistently acts towards poor black people with violent brutality and in brazen violation of the law.

As usual there was no court order for these evictions and they were therefore illegal and criminal acts. They are also in direct and brazen violation of the regulations governing the national lockdown. It has repeatedly been stated by national government that there should no evictions during the lockdown but the eThekwini Municipality has gone rogue and is waging ongoing violent attacks on our members.

We are the people who are most at risk from this virus and yet the eThekwini Municipality

is sending out armed men to destroy our homes and attack us in this time of crisis. These attacks have pushed us into a fight for our lives. We have no choice but to resist.

Abahlali baseMjondolo, March 31, 2020.

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