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#Chile March 29: for the continuity of the anti-capitalist struggle

Chile March 29, 2020. We are currently living through a historic moment: the crisis of world capitalism is worsening, visibly revealing itself as what it has always been, that is, a catastrophe for humanity and nature. The bourgeoisie and its states have shown in different regions how they will combat from now on any attempt at rebellion: with armies in the streets, states of emergency and technologically organized repression.

Originally published by Vamos hacia la vida. Translated by Enough 14.

The proletarian revolt in the Chilean region was uninterrupted for more than 5 months, and has only been stopped, for now, due to the current health crisis resulting from the spread of COVID-19. In this context, the state that recently mutilated, tortured, raped, murdered and imprisoned us, threatens us with unemployment, hunger and the possibility of dying in a bed of a collapsed hospital. This is the historical nature of Capital and the State: it chooses profit over life.

Rafael and Eduardo Vergara Toledo, among other revolutionaries, were part of an anti-capitalist offensive at the time when Capital was paving the way for its democratic dictatorship. Today, in this decisive phase of history, the fighting youth of the Chilean region and of different parts of the world have united to fight against capitalist barbarism and the states that perpetuate it. If a revolution is possible today, it will manifest itself as the only realistic alternative in the face of the devastation that threatens humanity and all life on earth.

In suicidal normality, in revolt and in pandemic, our program remains unchanged: Abolition of class society!

Social War against the State and Capital!

Our lives before their profits!

Freedom for all the prisoners of the proletarian revolt!

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