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Chronicles from the state of emergency No. 2 – Wall paper from #Trentino

Comrades from Trentino (Italian territory) published their second wall paper about the current state of emergency which is now being pasted in several cities. You can read No. 1 here.

Originally published by Il Rovescio. Translated by Enough 14.

Orignal Wall paper (Italian) as PDF file:

The reversed responsibilities

The daily chronicles of fear cancel the general and specific responsibilities of the current epidemic, to overturn them entirely on those who are not locked in their homes, “Quacksalber” against whom they ask for increasingly repressive measures (military with police functions, tracking of the population, calls for denunciation, authorization to use drones …). Who has dismantled Healthcare for profit, thus worsening a situation that can be tackled in a very different way? Who kept the factories open? Who closed the schools on February 20 and the shopping centres only on March 12? Who was it? Perhaps those who walk on the streets or walk on cycle ways and paths? And again: is it individual “jackals” or a system that has increased the price of hospital masks by up to 600%?

What security?

They’ve been drilling into our eardrums for decades with the cry “Security!” More cameras, more controls, more police, more prisons! Then comes a virus epidemic and emerges between the wrinkles of conscience and the unspoken words of television that, if they stopped the road haulage and logistics, within a few days there would be nothing left to eat in the supermarkets. What security can human beings who depend on a technological and productive system of which they have no control? You don’t live from telework! Let’s take advantage of this “pause” to reflect. Without taking back the land and managing the sources of our food supplies ourselves, we will also lose, together with our freedom and autonomy, our security.


One of the ongoing experiments, in addition to police and military control, concerns work: how much and how can the economy go on without people leaving home? What is “work” today? Those who take advantage of all forms of telework (whether they are imposed on employees or teachers) are first and foremost the multinationals that own the computer platforms and various applications. From every online activity – free or paid for little money – the “giants of the web” get an impressive amount of personal data that they analyze and sell. Everything are ” data” that can be processed and transformed into merchandise: tastes, opinions, tone of voice, facial expression, the book quoted by the teacher, health-related news, fears, reaction to certain news, the level of attention of students, etc.. In the best of all possible worlds, even an epidemic – i.e. millions of people locked indoors but always connected – becomes a great deal. And an opportunity to justify the introduction of the 5G network, whose function is certainly not to allow contacts in case of health emergencies, but to generalize industry, machines, cameras and smart sensors. Fear is an ideal feeling to push us even further towards a world where human beings would be governed by “intelligent objects” and by those who program them.


It made a bit of a stir that forty percent of the Milanese were found far from their homes through the control of cell phones activated by means of mobile communication. What’s the news? The fact that the cell phone companies carry out mass data collection on a daily basis is a well-known fact (although few people draw the consequences). What is new is that they are taking the opportunity of a health emergency to openly justify something that exists well beyond the emergency and that raises, or should raise, not just a few ethical and social questions. But it is not enough. For days we have been subjected to a hammering propaganda aimed at introducing “Korean-style measures” in Italy as well, i.e. the registration of contacts between people starting from the cross-checking of smartphones, wi-fi and Bluetooth (to locate the “users” not in a particular neighborhood, but home by home, shop by shop). The “public” data would be stored and analyzed by the authorities, the “hidden” data (which every application on smartphones creates, even when you deactivate it) would power the “smart machines” with which they control our behavior and study our “purchase intentions”. Happy government, happy digital capitalism. What about us?

What is “essential”?

What cannot be stopped during an epidemic shows us, indirectly, what the foundations of the society in which we live are: the cyber infrastructure and war. That is why all arms factories must remain open. That is why, while we are locked up in front of our screens, technological progress accelerates and new 5G antennas are being installed in secret. Confirming how digital infrastructure and war are increasingly interconnected, TIM [1] is “teaching” the army the potential of 5G and artificial intelligence for war in the “new world”. The question remains whether what we can’t see is not just a virus moving through the air, but the world they are establishing for us.

Some sensible proposals

They seem to be those suggested by the signs on the windows of several supermarkets in Trento and Rovereto between March 24 and 25: “General strike”, “Close factories”, “Lower prices”.

In the meantime…

On March 25, there was widespread participation in the general strike called in the logistics and factories sector. On March 26, in a supermarket in Palermo, some people filled the shopping cards and tried to get out without paying. The Carabinieri and riot cops intervened on the spot and in the following days they guarded the entrance of several supermarkets in the city.

There are more and more calls on social networks to stop paying. With the extension of the emergency, perhaps after months without pay, more and more people will face the problem of satisfying their needs. Situations like the one in Palermo may not be so rare: the necessity to take what we need to live will be very clear to those who simply cannot pay anymore.

[1] TIM S.p.A., also operating under the name Telecom Italia, is an Italian telecommunications company headquartered in Rome and Milan, which provides telephony services, mobile services, and DSL data services. It is the largest Italian telecommunications services provider in revenues and subscribers.

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