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#CNT #Nantes: What’s vital, boss?

France. April 1, 2020. Building planes, a vital activity, that couldn’t wait? What a joke! Closed for four days, Airbus, not wanting to lose a crumb of profit, exposes its employees once again, the managers are doing home office, the shareholders are warm, refuelled by delivery workers. Even before the peak of the epidemic is reached. While airports are at a standstill and aircraft delivery schedules are obviously not a vital priority.

Originally published by CNT Nantes.

In Spain, the anarcho-syndicalist CGT called for a strike on March 30 against this resumption of work at the Airbus factories of Getafe, Illescas, Barajas, Tablada and Albacete, which have already counted 150 confirmed cases and sent a thousand people into sanitary confinement. On March 30, the management of Airbus Spain backed down, maintaining only a little activity in support of air flights and the armed forces.

In Nantes, any escape from home is tracked by a drone or a helicopter equipped with a night thermal camera. But for the Airbus bosses and the prefect, going to work at Airbus, in Bouguenais, in Saint-Nazaire (both in France, Enough 14), is an absolute necessity. The precautionary principle applied strictly for the population, closely monitored by a security system, is an exception for the health of the workers as well as for the cashiers, delivery workers, cleaning workers, garbage collectors, etc.

What is the government doing to improve the fight against the pandemic? On the other hand, “scandalized” by the halt of construction sites in the building and public works sector, it is seeking to impose the resumption of work… No financial compensation will make up for the loss of a loved one and the pain of his or her family. The resumption of work in the aviation industry or the automobile industry could only be legitimate if production was redirected towards the manufacture of artificial respirators, which will soon be rare in our hospitals.

Macron talks about war, about sacrifice. Power is therefore ready to sacrifice the last rope in the name of national unity, replaying the bad piece of sending the hairy men of 14-18 to war, sacrificed on the altar of capitalist and industrial interests. We are neither cannon fodder nor flesh for the bosses!

CNT Nantes, April 1, 2020.

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