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Statement by No Border Kitchen #Lesvos in times of the #coronavirus

Lesvos. Greece. April 3, 2020. Who are the people on the other side of the fence?

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook Page.

….And who are our leaders to take their lives away from them?
Who are they to make decisions in the interest of “the majority” to so brutally strip people of hope’s and dreams?

Human beings stripped of anything that is unquantafiable. Politicians ideas stripped of any language that reminds them of their structural racism. And they keep talking. And talking. And talking.

The effect’s of the policy of our institutional democracy is that we are signed on by birth. And others are not. Our western democracies are a farce, as long as they remain based on exclusion. A lie forged on breaking the back’s of millions. Millions that are losing jobs, houses and family members as we speak. Not because of the “incompetance” of our leaders, but because our leaders make this choices willingly. They made them a long time ago. In fact, they breath their choices with every platitude. They build their mansions on the blood of thousands. The outstreched hands of millions trapped on the borders of europe, the usa or the commonwealth. The water in the lungs of the drowned. The smoke in the air of the burned. The smell of a massgrave full of rotting corpses. All of this is the fundament of their authority, their power.

Our world is dead. Choices made out of simple needs like security and food, become individual choices. Can we not imagine that the people on the other side of the fence want the same? How difficult is it to see that richest among us will keep washing their hands in blood. For now, because of corona the world is focused on shifting the narrative away from the people that are sentenced to death with the excuse that we can keep going to the supermarket. Goverments are using this oppertunity to keep the borders closed. And this is not enough. It is an excuse to make the human beings trapped in these shitholes even worse. Implementing new policy that make people’s position even more precarious. Just as what is happening to the rest of the worlds lower classes.

This is Geopolitics on the micro level. These are the decisions of our elected leades. This is our system.

When the fires will be lit in Moria, and people will die by the dozens. Fighting each other, starving and with no access to proper medical care. Not only is our world dead, it is murdered. Again and again with every unneccacary death. The fires will keep burning, until we take on the people that uphold the racist policy’s that cause them.

Not your system?

Then get Angry. Get Organised.

No Border Kitchen, April 3, 2020.

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