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Wuppertal. German territory. The streets were pretty empty this morning. Three people are approaching from the left. The man in front of me takes his phone out of his pocket. “Hello, I want to report three people that are breaking the law.”

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle. Image above: “We won’t go back to normality, because normality was the problem”.

“It’s useless to wait-for a breakthrough, for the revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. To go on waiting is madness. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated within the collapse of a civilization. It is within this reality that we must choose sides.”

The Invisible Committee, The Coming Insurrection

In the past few weeks Germany has changed into a country full of virologists and deputy sheriffs. The number of deputy sheriffs was always high here, but right now the number of deputy sherriffs are exploding. “They are not allowed to walk outside with more than three people. I insist that you arrest them.”

That was one of the first scenes I saw in front of my eyes after I came out of a 2 week fill quarantine. I wasn’t that sure anymore that it was good to be able to go outside again. It seems that priorities have shifted to contain the virus by any means necessary. Even many people of the so-called left are repeating the mantra of the German government and the virologists of the German federal state authority; the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Don’t think. don’t ask questions, just do what you are told.

And while many people are celebrating a government that took away our basic rights over night, the ones that ask questions are being treated as irresponsible, potential quacksalvers. In the mean time people are forced to keep going to work, where some of them are with hundreds of others in a muggy factory for eight hours. When three of them finished their shift and walk to the next bus stop together, they are committing a crime nowadays.

Apart from the authoritarian crisis, which is a tendency that started long ago, but is more visible now, an economic crisis has also started and it will be worse than the one of 2007/2008. Many of precarious workers already don’t know where to live from, and it will get worse in the weeks and months to come. Our rulers are probably already making plans how they are going to sell their tributaries that they will have to pay for the crisis. Maybe they try the “We are all in this together” again. The question is: will they succeed to convince people in this demoralized and broken society?

We have a government that flies in thousands of people to harvest asparagus for the German middle- and upper classes, but turns a blind eye when a catastrophe is looming on the Greek islands. Doctors are making desperate appeals to close the overcrowded refugee camps on Lesvos and other islands, but many German politicians are more concerned about the harvest of asparagus. Its all about priorities.

Thats actually not surprising. Our rulers supported the abolishment of the right for asylum by the Greek authorities before the COVID 19 breakout. They also supported the “defense” of the Turkish/Greek border before the COVID 19 breakout. Remember, several refugees were shot at, some of them were killed. Our rulers are still keeping arms factories open. They authorized more arms exports in the last few years than ever before, so it was also not surprising that we saw many German tanks with Turkish flags rolling through Afrin and Rojava on our TV screens.

Its more than just naiv to think that the government is interested in our health in general. They sold out major parts of the health care sector in the past, budget cuts, privatizations on one hand, and ignoring advice to prepare for an epidemic on the other. Our rulers are interested in a workforce that is healthy enough to produce the profits of our rulers. No more no less.

A quick look how they are handling the climate crisis says enough. The earth is dying and they are not willing to do too much about it. But we can. If we stand up and finally put an end to capitalist rule, we might be able to save the planet and put an end to the misery we are living in. The misery imposed by the same rulers that keep people in (precarious) dependencies, while they preach freedom and solidarity.

More and more people are coming out of the state of shock, including parts of the so-called left.

We never managed to stop the capitalist machine. The virus did. But there is some light on the horizon. More and more people are coming out of their state of shock, including parts of the so-called left. Its up to us if we are going to allow our rulers to go back to “normality”. That should be our priority.

“We won’t go back to normality, because normality was the problem”.

Chile, March 2020

Riot Turtle, April 4, 2020.

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