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The ides of May

After the April calendars, beware of ides [1].Calends are the farce that is being prepared behind the closed doors of all the Elysées, the one for which those in charge have long been consciously and unconsciously rehearsing. Beware of ides if gets worse.

Originally publisehd by Lundi Matin. Written by Victor Strukalo. Translated by Enough 14.

“If the calends play out as planned, adding fire to the laughter and rage that consume us, we will come out of the farce on the ides of May.”

The Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March – Shakespeare, Jules César, act I, scène 2

The leaders are among the first ones to catch the virus. They are all affected, especially the asymptomatic ones – the “super-spreaders”, the
hyper-contagious ones – who infect us with their greed beyond all need. We will have to confine them all.

And if we are thrown And you, brutes? we will remove the mirrors in thepalaces of power to make them mirrors of truth that will reflect its wrongdoings. Then we’ll put them back in place so they’ll remember them forever. Not because they are expensive and beautiful, but because, once exposed to the ugliness, they will never recover.

Beware the ides if they let us die.

It is in the last breath of those who are given the hope of being healed that the desire to live is revealed. This hope is part of our natural
rights. It is our supreme right. For it drives us to demand a qualitatively better world.

It is up to us to reflect on how our actions today can prefigure, once the crisis is over, those of the future. One might object that this is not the time to think about utopias. Yet there is no better time. The epidemic has plunged us into a natural experiment that is increasingly becoming an unprecedented social experiment.

We have so much to learn from what we are experiencing today, and we will continue to learn in the years to come. Our only hope as human beings is that these lessons will benefit us all, universally.

Then we will have to sharpen our critical minds, more and more every day. If the calends play out as planned, adding fire to the laughter and rage that consume us, we will come out of the farce on the ides of May. We’ll come out sharp, sharp-edged, trenchant. We’ll come out sharp, sharp-edged.

In the meantime, let us stay where we are. In the meantime, we have to stay alert.

We have a chance when the impotence at the top spreads..

Victor Strukalo, March 24, 2020.

[1] The notional full-moon day of a Roman month, occurring on the 15th day of the four original 31 day months (March, May, Quintilis or July, and October) and on the 13th day of all other months.

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