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A movie about police violence in #France: Against our will Part 1

The tour of the documentary “A Nos Corps Defendants” (English title “Against our will”) having been cancelled because of the confinement, and in view of the racist violence that is increasing against the inhabitants of working-class neighbourhoods under the pretext of enforcing the confinement, it seemed essential to make this film public while everyone is at home to rest and can now watch it. You can watch it online now.

Originally published by Desarmons les.

This film doesn’t tell a story. It is a sensitive and radical approach to the psychological and physical violence inflicted by the police on the inhabitants of working-class neighbourhoods. The stories take place in the France of the last twenty years, that of the post-Sarkozy era, and are told by the people concerned: no sociologist, no historian, no journalists or storytellers. Just the words of those they would like to see silent: Wassil Kraiker and his parents Zohra and Abdelaziz, young people from Argenteuil, Amine Mansouri and his father Moustapha, Ali Alexis and his wife, Ramata Dieng and Farid El Yamni…

It addresses the issue of domination, or how the state deals with migrant bodies to better control them. It is about racism, torture and a vital struggle for truth. The protagonists of this film had not chosen to become visible one day, but systemic violence has turned them into fighters, whose bodies defend them.

About the director

IanB is a founding member of a collective that exists and fights against state violence since 2012, Disarm them! This film, he thought of as a way to close a chapter in his personal struggle, a declaration of war and an uncompromising message to those who would still dare to deny the systemic nature of police violence.

Duration: 90 min

Year: 2019

Directed by IanB

To watch the movie (French, with English subs that you can activate on the toolbar of the YouTube video player): Click at the YouTube link here.

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