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#Bolzano: Breaking the isolation

We share the flyer that will be distributed in the curfew slots in Bolzano in the coming days, which contains an invitation to break the isolation by sharing one’s suffering and anger in a situation that for many is becoming unbearable fast. No one can promise anything, but breaking the isolation is the beginning of a possible recovery.

Originally published by Bergteufel BZ. Translated by Enough 14.

Contact details for writing are the e-mail address and the Facebook page Bolzano Contro. The text is below.


The patriotic rhetoric, the we are all in the same boat and everything will be all right with us only serves to make us forget that the material conditions of life are far from the same for everyone, all the more in this situation. For many, at home without a salary and in many cases without prospects of access to institutional funds, paying rent and shopping is already a problem. Some people simply do not have a home to stay in. There are those who are locked up in overcrowded prisons, practically without health care, and now without visitors, while the virus is brought in by the guards. For many women, the prospect of being indoors is far from reassuring. And also, trivially, the square metres available are certainly not the same for everyone.


While the cities are full of cops and soldiers and a mass of critics are being encouraged to denounce the “scoundrels” who take a walk as if they were the cause of the spread of the virus – and new technological instruments of social control are being experimented with – the bosses, with the support of the unions, are forcing them to work without any security even in activities that are anything but indispensable. At Iveco in Bolzano – where there is now the news of a positive reaction to the virus – work has continued to produce armoured vehicles for the US Navy and the Brazilian Army…


No one can say how long this situation will last and whether it will end, or whether the prospect will be that of an indefinite state of emergency. Anyway, are we sure we want to return to normality in a society that has always put profit before health, and that will always make the poorest people pay, with new sacrifices imposed by threats, even the economic crisis that is looming?
Will they be able to deflect the anger of those who find themselves without a penny in the usual war against the poor, only more brutal than in the past, or will we be able to identify the enemy?

To organize oneself to meet one’s needs without waiting for the alms of the state and the control that they bring with them, to protect one’s health by extending the strikes that have already taken place in recent days to all the activities that are not really necessary, to organize oneself in order not to pay rent, bills, expenses – as some have already tried to do, so much so that in some areas riot cops have been deployed beforehand in front of the supermarkets…
The curfew takes isolation to the extreme.

If you want to share – of course also anonymously – your anger towards bosses, cops and spies, prisons and other institutions, episodes that happened to you or that you witnessed or simply your suffering in this situation, you can write to the e-mail address or to the facebook page Bolzano Contro. No one can promise anything, but breaking the isolation is the beginning of a possible recovery.

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