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#Hungary: Orbán, the dictator

Hungary. The meaningless theatrical sceneries of the bourgeois democracy have fallen down: Hungary is now officially a dictatorship. From April 2020, the government – that is basically just the obedient executor of one person’s will – is authorised to act without any legal checks and balances and it is entitled to hold these special powers without a time limit. Apart from some rather irrelevant examples, there have not been any precedents to such measures in Europe for decades.

Originally published by Antifa Info Budapest Facebook page. Illustration above by Gerd Arntz: White Terror

Capitalism has taken off its democratic mask. The face of Orbán is the real image of the capital snarling at us. It was the long decades of pushing forward that led to this proclamation of Orbán’s dictatorship. There are two main reasons why this dictatorship was able to take place. One of them is the perpetuation of the enormous scale of state-level corruption; the limitless enrichment of Fidesz’s, the government party’s elite. The other reason is the preparation for tackling the extremely severe economic crisis to follow the pandemic. Mass pauperism is to come about in the coming months and this is going to result in a significant resistance. The Hungarian state is now getting ready for the crackdown on the protest movements; the ban on protest activities on the streets and workplaces, the imprisonment of journalists and anti-government activists and a strengthening state propaganda can be expected.

What will be the consequences of the dictatorship in Hungary? The general crisis of the capitalist world-system is favourable to the strengthening of the 21st century’s fascism. Europe is Orbanising. The system is getting more and more authoritarian, racism, nationalism and sexism is spreading in quite many countries. Society is getting more conservative, economic policy is in favour of the rich and it weighs on all of us; on the poor.

Even as of today, there has only been a partial control over Orbán’s power, therefore this new legal status does not appear to be such a big change. These supervisory bodies – the court and the independent press – are slowly beginning to cease. The workers’ rights is already weak; however it will be even weaker. After the introduction of the new Labour Code (2012) and the so-called “Slavery Act” (2018), the bosses, the employers get to have even more rights. They can dictate how, how much and for how much we should work and make us toil as much as they want. The unemployed masses – soon to grow to a mass of several hundreds of thousands of people fighting for their survival – are going to represent quite an effective tool in the hands of all bosses to blackmail us. Shut up and sweat, otherwise you will find yourself on the streets!

The brutality of the state and the fascist terror depends on the strengths of the resistance. Orbán is going to show his true colours; his real, bloodthirsty nature when the protest actions, the demonstrations, the strikes, the squatting and occupations begin. The long months of consumption and production losses is going to be followed by an inevitable economic crisis. All politicians, all media and press – even the ones opposing Orbán – are going to keep on preaching about saving the collapsing economy. Economic reform proposals are going to be made, we are going to be encouraged to cooperate and asked to make sacrifices for the sake of saving capitalism. We are going to be expected to work harder and more for less salary. If we are not willing to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of the economy and profit, Orbán’s dictatorship will take action in full armour against us.

Resistance against Orbán’s fascism! Resistance against austerity and crisis management! We will not make sacrifices for the preservation of capitalism!

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