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#Wuppertal, #Germany: Protest in times of state of emergency and the SARS-CoV2 #pandemic

Wuppertal. Germany. April 4, 2020. About 30 people met yesterday at noon at the Mirker train station in the northern part of Wuppertal-Elberfeld to bring the protest against the ongoing measures during the SARS-CoV2 pandemic to public attention.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

Originally, a demonstration against repression was planned for April 4, in solidarity with those affected by government measures, the presumed autonomous May Day demonstrators. By mid-March at the latest, it was clear that we were experiencing a breathtaking landslide in the wake of the Corona pandemic: Elementary basic rights, simply normal and necessary behavior was banned and made to a criminal offence within a few days. And we are only at the beginning of the misery. The pandemic can hit a squeezed out health system particularly hard and quickly overburden it, as can be seen in Italy and Spain, and that simply means more deaths (unfortunately it will probably be much worse in other parts of the world). The fact that politicians who are responsible for this situation are now dictating the population how to behave in which park or on which route, while people are still forced to take full trains or buses to get to work which is still continuing, is simply absurd.

These points were made clear by the small rally. On posters, banners and in speeches.

Another topic was of course the crime that is currently taking place on the Greek islands and on the EU’s external border. While about 200.000 German tourists are brought back home with huge logistical efforts, there is no way that refugees are brought into the EU. It would be a piece of cake! It was also made clear that it is important that capitalism is shut down and never switched on again. It is already clear that the lockdown will be followed by a massive global economic crisis. Worldwide the struggles will be massive and hard, we must start now. So that not at last climate justice will be enforced and a good life for everyone on the planet will be possible. Unannounced meetings, as recently in Wendland, Berlin and Kiel, can only be a beginning to bring the resistance to the streets and must now be continued more intensively.

Before the rally dissolved prior to the arrival of the law enforcement forces, the poem “The Corona Doctrine” by Thomas Gsella was performed:

Quarantine houses are sprouting,
Doctors, beds everywhere
Researchers do research, money flows-
Supersonic politics
So she made it clear:
If she wants, the world can

So she doesn’t want to finish
The croaking in the wars
kicking the bucket in front of the beaches
And that children lie screaming
In the tents, shivering, wet
So she wants to. All this.

See you May 1st. Somewhere, somehow, sometime.

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