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#COVID19: Hunger Strike Against Instrumentalizing #Corona for Marginalization and Repression

Duesseldorf. Germany. April 5, 2020. A hunger strike will take place in front of NRW state parliament in Düsseldorf beggining tomorrow, monday April 6th to bring attention to the marginalization of the poor, refugees and political and climate activists during the corona crisis. Denying access to healthcare and resources while unprecedented trillions are spend for the large industries. We are calling for the following.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

1. Adressing RWE’s coal emissions ressponsible for NRW being a hotspots of lung ailments, making all in the land more suceptible to infection and higher risk of covid 19 and making the company finncially responsible.

2 Anonymous access to testing for the uninsured, not marginalizing and magnify infecctous corona spread in underprivelaged and repressed groups such as prisoners, refugees, homeless and forest activiss.

3. Amnesty for the forest activists during the pandemic allowing all to access healthcare and food without fear of persecution and police surveilance- Not exploiting corona pandemic for more evictions and represive actions.

4. Opening of to be destroyed homes in the region to community based ecological initiatives as well to social ones including those addressing present crisis through food distribution to the needy and hous

5. Establishing of contact between Hambi Corona Awelness Team and local healthcare and pandemic response structures in maintaining free and anonymous access to healhcare and testing.

6. Decriminalization of containering, and appeal to supermarkets to redistribute to be thrown away food at agreed times to the: poor, foodsharing initiatives and corona volunteer groups.Destruction of food by mixing it with the trash is exposing the poor and often elderly to all the pathogens including corona from a supermarket frequented by thousand.

7.Stop of police infiltration and destabilization of protest sites and strugles collaborating with private security firms representing RWE, often employing individuals with anti-left extremist right wing ideology resulting in rising level of intimidation and threats during political events and increasing the risk of injury and provocations to activists in the forest and visitors alike.

8. Living Wage for all in the time of crisis and investment in the futureof communities and in renewable energy not trillions in subsidies for heavy toxic industries.xerce

Exercise physical not social distancing and while there in front of the NRW parliament from 9 to 3pm on Monday we will be accepting donations of bio ethanol and food and on the doorsteps of power putting together small containers of sanitizer and cooking a meal to be distributed among the homeless to symbolize that it is those that have the least, and who are often hungry, underpriveliged and underfunded(as in the case of medical workers with whom we express our solidarity) that are doing the most and have the most to lose during this crisis.

Healthcare and corona, solidarity not repression is the answer!

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