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#Greece: Immediate restoration of power to #VIOME!

Greece. April 5, 2020. They are taking advantage of curfew to cut off the power in the factory of VIOME. Armed men in uniform are walking around in the night during curfew and they suppress. What does it remind us? 

Originally published by Viome.

Before the day dawns, at 6:30 am, the government ordered a crew from the Public Power Corporation to cut off the power. Alongside cops to protect them in order to give an end to our struggle. We knew from the beginning that curfew applies less to some people than others. If the workers of VIOME were gathered to protest now, they will be illegal, but the cops and some “willing’’ workers of the Public Power Corporation can gather in order to cut off the power.

They cut off the power arguing that we are running illegally. Let us tell you the crime we were committing the last few weeks during the pandemic. We were producing soaps to send them in Moria, to people that don’t have. We were producing cleaners to send them to prisons, which the state left vulnerable to the pandemic. And of course we continued producing cleaners for the working class families, who don’t have the “luxury” to be protected from the virus, because they must go to work in crowded workplaces to make profit for the rich.

There is a common denominator here. The right for them is to “Stay Home” unless if one has to make profit for them. “Stay Home” unless if we don’t have one and we are living in detention centers. For the state and the employers there is no profit if you take care of the employee, the refugee, the prisoner. This is why they are leaving them vulnerable to the pandemic. But regarding collective struggles, curfew is an inviolable rule. The state wants to shut down the factory, stop a production unit that produces cleaners during coronavirus. The state orders the shut down of a factory that takes all the sanitary measures, while they let the big companies operate uncontrollable.

It’s not the first time they try to cut off the power of the factory. The previous governments tried the same. All these while we were suggesting to make an arrangement so that we can pay for the power we were consuming. We understand why they arranged it during the night. Because when the light started to come up, a storm of solidarity came. People from all around the world are determined to support our struggle. They translate and share our manifests. They ask for our products.

VIOME won’t shut down for some power cables. The solidarity of the people already gave us an electric generator and we are running again, we are starting producing and we are preparing the restoration of power with every means available.



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