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#Chile: Don’t let them say that we are absent [Video documentary]

Santiago. The following documentary/compilation shows a series of actions carried out in different locations in the capital of the territory usurped by the State of $hile, thus showing us from the start of the action itself, through all the phases of its development, until the end.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translated by Enough 14.

Click for automated english and other subtitles on the CC buton, and then the settings symbol on the video player to choose your language

All these actions were carried out with different specific purposes, either to commemorate a special date for young combatants, to demand the release of political prisoners, to propagate a related idea, among others. And even though all these actions had a specific purpose, the general objective was always the same, to break the normality and daily life of the city, to cause maximum damage to the henchmen, their infrastructure or their tools of repression, and to make clear that the street struggle IS a useful tool that people must use to fight the repression that the state constantly carries out when the proletariat revolts, and it can be carried out by any organized structure or affinity group on a gathering, whether in a town, an educational establishment or on the street itself.

Street violence is a method that has existed both in Chile and in the world for decades, highlighting the street battles that took place during the period of the civil-military dictatorship aimed at destabilizing its government, as well as the street struggle carried out during the current time of “democratic” dictatorship. While this is not the only valid method, nor should it be glorified, it is a tool that should be used by people seeking their liberation, because whether we like it or not the state will always beat and kill those who seek to revolt against it, as we have seen systematically since the Popular Insurrection of October 18. To promote all forms of struggle, popular organization and direct and frontal attack, in a violent or non-violent way, against all authority and far from hierarchies that divide us, outside the ego of the streets, here we are all united.

Don’t let them say that we are absent, we will be here, we will be more, and we will win.

In memory of Kevin Garrido, refractory savage to commemorate his death.

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