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#Madrid Quarantine City: About the attack on our relationships

Madrid April 8, 2020. Anarchist comrades have send us a text from the Madrid Quarantine City pamphlet.

Submitted to Enough 14 in Spanish (Castellano). Translated by Enough 14.

“I’m looking out for mine and you’re looking out for yours, listen to your watch, its ticking is a murmur”

Confinement has disastrous consequences for one of the most important cornerstones of our lives: personal relationships. These are being forced to distance themselves, to break down, to replace the contact of the flesh with the isolation of bits and screens. It is not like when someone you love marches through everyday life situations to some distant place, where you are sure that that bond will surely be dusty but intact on return, or that it will live on in memory; but there you have the support of all the other relationships on which we rely on in our daily lives. Overnight, this quarantine situation has inevitably interrupted the course of our social interactions, has confined our lives to the isolation module.

Some people are lucky and at least (at least because it does not fill the gap left by distant relationships) can pass the confinement with people who love and support each other, but, what about people who live alone? Who will hear their cries for help when the suicide has taken place because anxiety knocks on their door? What about women who have their own jailer at home? It is said that the police will be on the lookout for gender-based violence calls, but we can’t expect the police to solve these problems, especially since we know that most of the time they contribute to vexation and humiliation of abused woman. Besides, being locked up with a person that overpowers you, can you pick up the phone, can you go outside? The femicide figures will show us who doesn’t. And who doesn’t have a place to live? Those who the military will “help” and “relocate”. No we must rely on nothing. The Army says it will do while we’ re not looking because we’ re locked up in the house.

And to add another rock to the backpack, social panic has not only made people individually break their ties, but try to break those who try to resist. Scolded from the balconies by walking down the street together, shaking hands, hugging, kissing… Collective anxiety at the base of “I I’m staying in my house and you’re taking it as a joke.” But speaking for whatsapp, skype, Social networks and other alternatives provided by technology are not even remotely valid to get out of the swamp of anxiety and madness into which we have been plunged. It takes contact, it takes walking with someone not thinking that a patrol car is going to give us a ticket for keeping our connections and not fall into hysteria.

What will happen when we can go back out on the street and are unable to interact in a group, face to face on
a square? When social anxiety is widespread and we have to unite and fight the shitty world we live in?

Let’s not let social panic and state control destroy the most valuable thing we have, let’s strengthen
our ties to unbreakable chains that sweep away domination.

You will find more texts of Madrid Quarantine City: here.

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