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#Lugano: Ruggiti – Chronicles of the epidemic number 0 – April 2020 – The virus in the contaminated city

Rugitti is a zine from Lugano (Swiss territory) in the Italian language. What follows is the editorial and the article “The virus in the contaminated city”, both from the first edition of Ruggiti.

Originally published by Ruggiti. Translated by Enough 14.

You can download and read the full edition of Ruggiti – Chronicles of the epidemic number 0 – April 2020 in Italian here (PDF):


The need to spread reports and reflections on the situation around the coronavirus pandemic comes from encountering people who live on their own skin and different social repercussions by implementing the state of exception (a military and police control state), imposed under the pretext of the health emergency.

We believe it is important to analyze the current context, bringing back ideas and reflections, critiques, proposals and room for comparison. Moreover, we like to think that the direct distribution of the bulletin, during this period of destabilization of everyday life, can bring us closer to reading proposals to which we would normally not have access for various reasons.

The people active in the project have different origins, experiences and social backgrounds, i.e. sexism, racism and classism are forms of authority that influence our individual perspectives, in some cases provide advantages and in others limit our freedom. The content of the articles reflect these various positions, so each text reflects the personal vision of the writer.

What we have in common are anti-authoritarian thoughts and practices: we share a tendency towards a world without hierarchies or oppression, with the conviction that only through a radical change in the social organization and economic system in which we live, and therefore in the way we treat the planet and animals, can we find the way to true liberation.

On language:

With the awareness that the language declined to the masculine universal reflects the masculine culture and society in which we live and with the will not to divide the genders in the masculine/feminine binomial because we believe there are infinite genders, we have tried, each in his own way, to write in the most neutral way possible (using stars, ics, word truncation, etc.). The intention is, as far as possible, to use language as a way to express our dissent towards patriarchal domination.

In times of crisis and imposed emergencies…we roar against all forms of authority.

The virus in the contaminated city

At the moment we are tuttx in a sort of house arrest, this is because we are ordered to lock ourselves in our homes without being able to go out unless for urgent needs, otherwise we risk being stopped (see what is happening in Italy where to perform any act considered illegal you will receive criminal charges and penalties). We talk about common sense and responsibility while we are being subjected to compulsory restrictions, we have to ask ourselves: where is the individual responsibility if we are forced to obey?

People are forced to follow the directives dictated by the powerful of the world. Individuals should take responsibility regardless of what we are being told. Every day, everywhere.
Look, we’re being bombarded by news of this virus. Discussions between people are limited to this topic and locking ourselves in our homes, forcing relations with our neighbours, something that would never have happened before. At this time, many people say they feel lonely, which should let us reflect on the fact that there are people all over the world who are forced to live in these conditions for years for having committed acts considered “illegal” by this system. In Italian prisons there have been more than 30 riots in recent weeks with several deaths that have been passed off as simple drug overdoses…

Around the cities all over the world people are asked to respect a safety distance of at least one meter, but in prisons eight people are piled up in a single cell, while news of the first cases of contagion in prisons is coming from several countries.

The current deaths are echoing around the world in a kind of statistic, where ordinary people always remain just numbers. We never talk about numbers when people die from other causes likefor example suicide (Switzerland is one of the countries with the highest number of suicides in the world). Let’s not forget about that infamous evil of cancer. It is the leading cause of death. A disease of which the human being, the cowardly money of capitalism, globalization and the personal interests of those who are upstairs are primarily responsible.

But you don’t talk about that and you go on with blinkers, those who rebel are hit by repression running into complaints, arrests and searches. The dying at sea, death machines like the Ilva di Taranto [1] that causes death from cancer (tumor rates exceeded 500% among workers compared to the population), all deaths from work (yes, even in “perfect” Switzerland, these things happen. and also quite often)… nobody speaks about it, it hurts to do it, a report and that’s the end of it.

Shops that are not essential close and as consequence inordinate purchase via internet (i.e. e-commerce) will skyrocket; people will be even more slaves of capitalism. They will go and buy unnecessary products comfortably seated on a chair…


[1] The ILVA plant in Taranto, inaugurated in 1964, is the largest steel plant in Europe and one of the largest in the world, today employing about 11,000 employees and representing 75% of the gross domestic product of the Province of Taranto. In all these years of activity, ILVA has had a heavy impact on the environment and the health of the population of Taranto, as well as that of its employees.

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