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Bentruxu: Diary from #Sardinia in times of the #coronavirus

What follows is the introduction of a state of emergency diary from Sardinia in times of the coronavirus. In the coming days we will translate and publish parts of the diary articles which started on March 7, 2020.

Originally published by Bentruxu. Translated by Enough 14.

The state is always the state.
Sardinia is always a colony.
Chronicles of repression, lies and colonialism in times of the coronavirus.

By the end of February, an anomalous wave swept us away, disrupting our habits and our lives, questioning so many certainties and spreading fear.
The global expansion of the Covid-19 virus plunged us into a new reality, made of fears, precautions, distances, masks, gloves, suppression of sociality, but also of tight control, relentless checkpoints and suspicious neighbours. But that’s not all.

Struck by an uninterrupted media storm and caught between contagion and police control, we wondered how to deal with this period and what we thought about certain events.
This diary stems from the need to share some reflections on what is happening around us, trying to keep up with the ever-changing everyday life.
We believe that it can be effective to try to express ourselves about what is happening in individual days because the situation changes so fast that it is really difficult to interpret every change and draw general conclusions.
We tried, but in just one week we realised how much what was valid for the previous days was already exceeded by a new measure or new data. So we will try to think about the events that disrupted various parts of the planet one after the other between February and March, more or less until the health and social emergency has passed.

Our attention will focus mainly on what happens where we live, Sardinia.
We feel this choice is necessary because we see some events around us with a particular and specific meaning, and this is what we believe is important to focus on, because the virus is not a fact unrelated to the context in which it happens and since it is the past that precedes it.

On the contrary, what is happening only brings back to the surface certain issues that are part of the history of the territory in which we live and the conditions we are forced to live in, more or less voluntarily. Some subordinate relationships are certainly not new, but in our opinion, they are not resolved at all; on the contrary, they are the confirmation of the colonial condition that we continue to live in on Sardinia.

Su Bentruxu is the gryphon. The choice may seem macabre, but it is instead warding off bad luck and evocative. The dead are there, and it is useless to deny it, we certainly do not want to disrespect them or their loved ones.
In the Sardinian natural balance, the presence of griffons has always been fundamental to avoid the spread of epidemics. Together with its unfortunately extinct cousins – the bearded vulture and the monk vulture – the griffon vulture made all traces of carrion disappear, avoiding any possibility of contagion or contamination. The gradual disappearance of wild breeding, greed and human ignorance brought it to the brink of extinction.
We like the idea of those who, despite all this, continue to live in communities overlooking the sea or the rugged mountain tops, who can watch what happens from hundreds of meters high. Stronger than the wind, the currents, ruthless hunting and stupid prejudices. Resistant and tenacious, an absolute symbol of freedom.

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