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#COVID19: State of emergency related body count on the rise

April 12, 2020. In just three days, three people died in state of emergency related incidents in France. On Friday a young man died after a state of emergency related incident in Brussels, Belgium.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle.

The state of emergency in times of the coronavirus is not only leading to more and more opression of any kind of protest in european states like for instance France and Germany. Interesting ist that while most protesters in Germany keep distance during their protests, German cops almost never do.

Again and again videos of police brutality are going viral on social media. From India, Brazil, but also from the US and several european states like for instance France, where cops fired an LBD bullet against a five year old girl.

Philadelphia, USA

On March 22, cops in Dresden (Saxony, German state) went after homeless people. In Saxony the confinement rules are even more restricted in comparison to most other German states.

In Kenia more people were killed by cops during the state of emergency, than by the coronavirus.

But the bodycount is also rinig in states like France. On Wednesday in Béziers, Mohamed, died during his detention. One of the cops who arrested him admitted that he had “sat on top of him” in the police car taking him to the police station. The 33 year old father of three children, had lost consciousness and died shortly afterwards.

On Friday, at 01:00am, 28 year old Boris died in Angoulême, while he was fleeing the police. According to the authorities’ version, while being pursued by the infamous French BAC unit, the young man jumped into a river, La Charente, at the level of a bridge. According to mainstream media, “nothing in his vehicle can explain such a risk”. There was no offence. Nothing can explain his behaviour. Nothing except fear of the police.

In Cambrai, the same night, a motorist died while fleeing a police checkpoint. His passenger was between life and death.

One of the main reason why so many people flee for the cops in France, is the massive scale of police brutality. Many people that actually didn’t commit any crime, ended up in hospital.

On Friday a fatal accident took place between a cop car and a young man on a scooter in Brussels. Following this tragedy, riots broke out in the capital of Europe and 40 people were arrested.

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