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Police officers force their way into an apartment in downtown #Marseille to remove a solidarity banner from a balcony [Video]

Marseille. France. This Saturday, April 11, 2020, around 12.00h, two policemen forced their way into our apartment in the district of Saint Charles by invoking the state of health emergency. They came to put pressure on us to remove a banner that reads “Do you want to know if you have Corona? Spit on a bourgeois and wait for the results. Solidarity with working women!”. The pretext is that our banner incites people to spit on each other.

Originally published by Mars Infos Autonomes. Translated by Enough 14.

At first, with gas in their hands while filming us, they try to control our identities. We refuse. They use the fact that we are in a precarious housing situation, a squat, to justify their actions. We manage to get them out of the apartment. They call for reinforcements that arrive under the siren noises; in the end there will be a national police car and three unmarked cars, including the BAC. We count more than ten policemen standing in front of our apartment.
We hear them describe the situation on their walkie-talkie, trying to get authorization to enter again. We end up removing the banner so that they can leave.

The means deployed for the removal of a banner are absurd. In the age of the coronavirus, the state invests in repressive measures and wants to gag our voices from our windows.

Solidarity with all those who are suffering the consequences of the coronavirus crisis and who are resisting on a daily basis.

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