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State of emergency chronicals from Sardinia Part 1: Bandidoris and helicopters

Part 1 of the state of emergency chronicles from Sardinia in times of the coronavirus.

Originally published by Bentruxu. Translated by Enough 14.

You will find the introduction of the State of emergency chronicals from Sardinia: here.

March 14, 2020

The number of complaints continues to increase and police controls in the streets become more intense, in towns, villages, the countryside and the sea. In the streets in the towns and villages the police or civil protection officers pass through the streets, strongly urging people not to leave their homes and to respect the rules with a recognizable tone of threat, from afar they can be confused with the historical “bandidoris” [1].
The decree is now a dogma, so if a person wants to take a walk in the mountains, a swim in the sea or a canoe tour, he cannot do so because it violates the law, regardless of the degree of responsibility with which he or she does so: a very worrying infantilization of society.

Solinas [2] decided to deploy 1300 officers of the Forestry Brigade and the entire barracelli unit, to control if the vacationers of the exodus from the red zones are respecting the quarantine, and to control those who try to take a breath of air from this unhealthy life in which we are forced to live.
The aim is to achieve the widespread militarization of Sardinian territory., a dense network from which we cannot escape, to force everyone to follow the rules, willingly or not.

We hear police helicopters flying over the beaches and the countryside searching for people who are not obeying the rules.
Unfortunately the sound of helicopter blades at low altitude is well known in Sardinia, in search of those who do not want to obey the rules. More or less distant memories of “epic” military campaigns in search of fugitives or rebels are part of collective memory and still animate what remains of the resisting character, hostile to this type of impositions by the state.

Living in this territory, taking responsibility with respect for the environment, cannot be delegated to the laws of the state, with or without emergencies.


[1] Bandidori: car with a megaphone “informing” citizens.

[2] Christian Solinas is the current president of Sardina. In November 2018, Solinas was appointed as the centre-right-far-right candidate for the office of President of Sardinia for the 2019 regional election, leading a coalition that includes the Sardinian Action Party, the Northern League, Forza Italia, Brothers of Italy, the Union of the Centre, the Sardinian Democratic Union, Fortza Paris, Energies for Italy and the Sardinian Reformers.

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