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About the Enough Info-Café in times of the #coronavirus

Wuppertal. Germany. The Enough info-café has been closed for one month now. To be more precisely: The last day that we opened was on March 13.

Published by Enough 14.

The Enough info-café has been closed for one month now. To be more precisely: The last day that we opened was on March 13. We closed the café before the German state imposed their authoritarian measures. We dont need authoritarian state measures to take our responsibility. To make this clear once again: As anarchists, we oppose measures that are imposed from “above”. On principle.

The reason that we decided to close the Enough Info-Café on March 13, was that we were not able to asses how dangerous the virus is and how big the risk of contagion for people who come to the Café. That alone was enough for us to take our responsibility and close the Café.

After that a lot has happened. The state decided to impose measures that killed social life completely. At the same time our cynical rulers let people continue to work in major factories, like for instance in the arms industry. But if three workers walk to the busstop together when their shift is over, they commit a crime as it is allowed to work together with hundreds of other people in a big production hall, but not to walk outside with three of the very same people. No punch line.

Meeting people in real life can never be replaced in the virtual world. Nobody knows what the mid- and longterm effects the shutdown of social life will have. Including the “knowing it all” wizards of the RKI, the ones that were still speaking about “its not that bad” and “its similar like a flue” mid-february. Virologists are not known for their competence when it comes to the aftermath of a state of emergency.

What we do know is that our rulers gave billions to corporations and other “big players”. We also know that we are the ones who are going to pay for these gifts. Because these gifts are already decided, a new round of social war has already started. The time to organize to fight against new rounds of austerity is now and not when the times of the coronavirus are over.

What we also know is that “contact restrictions” , which is just a nice word, because we are living in a state of exception, is not the same for everyone. It makes a difference if you are living in a small apartment or in a house with a garden. Not to speak about those living in refugee camps or on the street. It makes a difference if your fridge is ful, or you just lost your precarious job and therefore your fridge is empty.

Our society will be different when this is all over. Apart from the suffering of precarious workers, many of them were the first ones that lost their jobs, there are many people who are getting depressed. Others were already suffering from depressions before the virus came. Nobody knows how they are doing and there is no telephone “hot-line” that can replace personal contact.

We also see a massive increase of police brutality and repressive police operations to fight any kind of protests. While we still have to go to work, we are not allowed to protest, or to take a walk with more than three persons. ID checks everywhere, except at the entrance of the place where you work.

Dont trust state authorities when it comes to surveillance and the necessity of the authoritarian state of exception. We have to learn how we can engage the pandemic with self-responsibility. We will make mistakes, like the state rulers also do. But we are far better of with self-organization and self-responsibility , we would not have all these contagious workplaces continue to run for the holy Euro. We would have thought about what we really need, far beyond that holy Euro…

Some say, people in this society are not capable to take responsibilty when it comes to the way we encouter the virus: What we have to change in our behaviour. Thats pretty cynical, apart from the fact that people who argue like that seem to think that they do know what’s the best thing to do. Probably because the permanent re-echo of the media told them so. After all not even all virologists do have the same opinion about what would be the best thing to do. And last but not least: society is a complex puzzle with many different pieces. Since when do virologists know what the effects of these state measures will be on society. They don’t, and our rulers also don’t. Because this is a mass experiment and never done before. So think for yourself, speak with your friends, your colleagues at work, neighbours and others and take decisions for yourself with the people around you.

About us.

We don’t know if the Enough Info-Café will survive the state measures. Our finacial gap is getting deeper as several expenses are continuing despite the closure. If you are willing and able to support us, every donation will help, also a 1 Euro donation.

But even when we will have to close… We will be back in some way. The struggle against all authority, patriarchy and capitalism is far from over and will be intensified!

Be sure, by playing by the state given rules, we will not be able to win this struggle. Take your own decisions in how you want to engage.

To be continued!

Some of the Enough Info-Café collective, April 13, 2020.

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