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#Hamburg – #Wilhelmsburg: Every life counts – profits, poverty, borders kill! – Reportback

Hamburg. Germany. On Friday people took the streets in Hamburg – Wilhelmsburg under the slogan “Cop state in quarantine – picnic for all!” A reportback.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

We took the street on Friday, April 10th at 6 pm for a small powerful demo. We know for a long time that the state is not acting in our interest and that has not changed in times of Corona. And we know how our responsibility can look like.

For us, responsibility means taking up the fight against a society that focuses on exploitation, destruction, authority and oppression, and above all specializes in killing – especially now, when it seems that the rulers only want to protect. In doing so, they negate the fact that they have always been killing people (at the borders) – be it with guns, drones, rockets, drowning, mass incarceration without enough food, drinks, hygiene.

With about 40 people, banners, signs and neighborhood information, we started rapidly from Stübenplatz in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg and walked through the streets for about half an hour, chanting and throwing leaflets. We responsibly kept a sufficient distance and masked ourselves for protection reasons.

With the arrival of the first cop cars we dissolved the demo. Hours later the cops were still looking for the demo, which was reported to them, but the grinning strollers did not stop them.

Let’s find ways to fight against this system again, especially now, when every activity is checked for useless or profitable, many people fall by the wayside in this protective discourse and border closures and tracking apps that are sold to us as freedom.

Cop state in quarantine – picnic for all!

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