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State of emergency chronicals from #Sardinia Part 2: “when they took my mother to the hospital, I understood that I had to give up jogging”

Part 2 of the state of emergency chronicles from Sardinia in times of the coronavirus.

Originally published by Bentruxu. Translated by Enough 14.

You will find the introduction of the State of emergency chronicals from Sardinia: here. Part 1here.

March 25

“I still think it’s the right thing to do.” With these words, the mayor of Cagliari, Paolo Truzzu, justified himself after the dust of criticism that came up following the posters he had put up in the streets of Cagliari (“when they took my mother to the hospital, I understood that I had to give up jogging,” and the like). By now he is fond of the front pages of the newspapers for his useless measures, this is the second after the closure of the public parks.

The first citizen, besides not respecting the dead, tries to terrorize people. On the one hand, he tries to stir us up against each other and on the other he tries to blame those who do not want to give up a breath of air. But why should I feel guilty about my mom being taken to the hospital if I go jogging? What’s the point?

At most it is the institutions that should feel guilty if my mother dies in the Holy Trinity because there are not enough places in the intensive care units or because there are not the appropriate instruments. But neither Truzzu, Solinas, nor Nieddu & co will feel guilty.

Just as they will not feel guilty about the inaction that is distinguishing them: which of them is actually doing something to prevent the consequences of the spread of contagion?

It’s easy to clear your conscience by sticking up a few posters in the city, but then what is left for those who fall ill? Why is no one working to build a field hospital or to expand the existing facilities?

In the meantime, they ask us to stay at home and be afraid. They know that as long as people are scared and busy checking on their neighbour no one will ask them for the bill.

P.S.: a vibrant protest has been raised on social media, there are dozens of reinterpretations of the phrases on the posters. Apart from the irony, some of them are precise indications of the growing dissatisfaction that is growing in the social sphere.

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