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DIY Culture #6 – #COVID19 special

DIY Culture #6, a COVID19 special. What follows is an introduction and a download option of the brand new issue of DIY Culture.

Submitted to Enough 14.

This virus has exposed with crystal clarity, the disgusting class divisions that still exist within society. It’s given some of us pause for thought, about the ‘constructs’ that we have developed in our lives and those that are forced upon us. It has made common, the anarchist ideas of mutual aid and solidarity and it has shown us, those who are indispensable to the running of our communities and those who are the parasites upon our backs.

This is an accessible response to that ongoing class war, and to Covid-19 – a 34 page online special that has contributions from anarchist transport workers, nurses, care workers, writers, creatives, thinkers and activists. The general thrust, is that we cannot return to ‘normal’ following this pandemic, but that we should have some insurrectionary fun along the way as we eradicate the virus that is capitalism. Please share if you like it.

More issues to follow – get in touch if you’d like to contribute.

D.i.Y.CULTURE #6 Available here:

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