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Women against the ethno-patriarchal pandemic: Stop the new mass crime against humanity

Nowadays in Greece, ιt becomes once again apparent that not all human lives have the same value! The national, strategic plan to deter immigration that is implemented by the far-right New Democracy government aligns itself with the hegemonic European hyper-state’s position on immigration in such a way that it creates an explosive mix of politics that could result in many potential deaths for the tenths of thousands of innocent people who have fallen at the vice of the EU border regime.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

All those who have fled to our country in recent years are gradually stripped of all their human rights. The land is filled with internal borders, as all islands in the northern Aegean and the mainland regions are transformed into huge prisons. In practice, the Geneva Agreement that is meant to preserve the right of the persecuted to seek for international protection has been circumvented, and this is because the national authorities, do not provide the foreseen access to asylum seeker newcomers, but restrain and repulse them with warlike methods at the borders and condemn them to die exposed to hunger, illness, and hardship, as is currently occurring on the islands of the eastern Aegean.

Moreover, the members of the few remaining humanitarian organisations that dare to offer assistance to those that are trapped in uninhabited regions of the islands are threatened by various paramilitary groups, which are allowed to roam freely, undisturbed by the official authorities, who turn a blind eye on their criminal activities. Those new fascist militias that have assumed for themselves the right to control the traffic of refugees-migrants and of all those who stand in solidarity with them have come to a position, where they can publicly menace and lynch whoever disagrees with them, without being accountable to any formal authorities.

Meanwhile, as long as both, those ‘professional’ and ‘amateur’ bullies patrol undisturbed across the islands and the Evros region, the federal government transmits nationalistic crowns so as to hold on to its electoral audience. Summoning all the major mass media under its control to submit its nationalist-populist propaganda, it disperses fear in society and spreads the view that all the more ‘security’ against migration is needed, using militaristic, rhetorical gimmickry about the “asymmetric threat represented by the ‘illegal invader’ during the current, “undeclared, hybrid war”. While cultivating thus the kind of racist hatred that legalises the activities of the various fascists’ thirst for blood in the name of ‘the nation’s’ cultural and racial superiority, it postures that it protects the country-people in their entirety and that it safeguards compliance with democratic law.

Meanwhile, it neglects to take brave measures so that the refugees-migrants can be housed in the many empty tourist accommodations that remain idle both, on the borderline buffer -zone and on the mainland, so as to disrupt the spread of the covid19 epidemic. That convention creates the appropriate conditions for the occurrence of mass- graves in the near future… Within the framework of its Eurocentric, biopolitics ‘philosophical’ approach, the government proposes the sealing of the ill refugees-migrants together with the healthy ones inside the camps as the sole realistic solution, as contaminators who should be left to die away from the “free” citizens’ public eye. Yet, the matter here is about the implementation of a form of social cannibalism, of a primitive socio-Darwinist ideology of ‘natural’ sorting in terms of survival of the fittest, according to the motto “whoever dies, has died and whoever lives will live”! And this is actually the solution already being applied! While the local authorities evade their responsibility and pass the buck, the unwanted “Others” are left to die sinking in the despair that is born from the sense of injustice and the complete bereavement of their hope for a better life…

We no longer preserve any illusions that we are living in a democratic country and we no longer wait to express our political will with the logic of assigning it to professional politicians once every four years at the ballot box. From the fixation of our quarantine and while being immobilized indoors, we observe the dystopia that is sharpening day by day and we try to figure out ways to protest against an authority that expands its scope of action over all symbolic and natural public space, using the state of emergency that has been declared due to the pandemic, so that it can command a regime of exemption that serves its political goals.

We maintain that the policies of the New Democracy Party lead with mathematical precision to the rupture of social cohesion and to the outbreak of uncontrollable and disastrous situations in the near future. That is because the matter is about a set of policies, which set at their core the repression of the most vulnerable social groups’ needs and of all other expressions for freedom and social justice, a set of policies which rationalize every violent state act on refugees- migrants, which praise social cannibalism as lawful behavior, which deem the human-hunters are heroes and racist crimes are heroic acts. We are not on the streets right now, but we can still think critically and organize our protest. The rage that simmers inside us will not be ignited as long as we are human and may send us back, out on the streets earlier than expected under the current conditions…

For all the aforementioned reasons, we denounce that the ‘asymmetric threat’ to humanity is currently embodied by the government in power, the neo-colonial E.U policies and all those who serve them and we highlight that the government should have already taken protection measures indiscriminately for all those that reside within the dominion since ‘yesterday’. However, we continue to forewarn once again about the oncoming danger and claim that the following measures should be implemented before it is too late. We demand:

  • That the right to apply for asylum will be immediately restored for all those, who seek for refuge in our land.
  • That all of the new deportation prisons, cynically called ‘closed “hospitality” [sic!] centres’ will be immediately shut down and all types of detention centres and police cells where refugees-migrants are being held imprisoned will be immediately evacuated.
  • That all refugees-migrants who are housed in mass accommodation structures on the mainland will be relocated to dignified housing so they can maintain the physical distancing requirements resulting from the transmission of covid19.
  • -That the national health system will be immediately reinforced with the aim of providing equal care for refugees- migrants and other vulnerable social groups by means of requisition of all private health care infrastructures.
  • That all the fascists, cops and human- hunters that have taken the law in their own hands all over the country, in order to turn against refugees-migrants and their supporters will be actually arrested and punished.
  • That Greece will unilaterally withdraw from the E.U. Turkey Agreement and from the Dublin II Regulation.

We ask that you raise your voices in unity with ours to stop this new crime against humanity in the face of refugees-migrants who enter Europe. Under conditions of a globalised reality, the health and prosperity of us all are interconnected. That’s why we are determined to go ahead without leaving anyone behind.

Women against the ethno-patriarchal pandemic, April 14, 2020

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