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#Barcelona: Solidarity rally in front of Ward Ras Prison

Barcelona. We have been informed that yesterday, April 6, 2020, six people gathered in front of Ward Ras Prison to protest against the unjustifiable and punitive conditions imposed on the prisoners due to the state of emergency. Chanting “free prisoners”, “down with the walls” and “you are not alone”, accompanied by some firecrackers, prisoners could be heard from behind the wall that separated them, several Mossos d’esquadra came out of the centre, intimidating and threatening people, who fled, alerted by the prisoners who were shouting “Run, run”.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translatzed by Enough 14.

This will not break our solidarity; we cannot fail to remind them that they are not alone. Down with the walls and their whole repressive system.

Painted in the surroundings of Wad Ras Prison (3-4-20)

We have painted outside of Wad Ras to greet the prisoners who are still in this prison. Wad Ras is a prison with the pretext of the Coronavirus, there are restrictive measures for the prisoners but there are not enough sanitary measures to prevent contagion of the prisoners from the prison officials. The situation in this prison, at least for a month now, is difficult. Like in the rest of the prisons of the state.

And because it seems impossible to paint in front of a prisoner in this situation in which it is obligatory to confine oneself and it is illegal to take the streets. This is a situation in which the police presence in the streets is often asphyxiating, and makes it impossible for people from the balconies to engage in activities that are not legal.

It seems impossible to do things that are forbidden, but it is not. And by doing so without anything happening, we break the asphyxiating balloon in which our heads are stuck today.

We do not make jokes this medical alarm. Nor the suffering that it causes for a lot of people (survivng the disease or not). We left with caution, but we left. Just as there are so many other people who want to give us a piece of their mind to join with others, to work, because it is unpleasant in the house or in the house that you may need. Avoiding contagion is important, but facing the misery and suffering generated by capitalism, patriarchy and racism together in this situation is also important.

Let’s explain them, that the contagious revolt is winning and not the coronavirus!


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