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#Madrid: The Government wants to evict La Ingobernable in 24 hours despite the state of emergency

Madrid. Spain. This Tuesday, April 14, we learned through publication in the BOE (Official State Bulletin) that the Ministry of Justice was giving us 48 hours to leave the new open space occupied by La Ingobernable in Calle Alberto Bosch, 4.

Originally published by La Ingobernable. Translated by Squat Net.

The deadline is today. And we are not only faced with a new demonstration of the absolute lack of interest in dialogue between this Ministry and Minister Juan Carlos Campo, but also with a particular use of the right of an administration that has decided that its priority in the midst of the quarantine is to resume a process such as the eviction of La Ingobernable, omitting even the right of allegation, all in order to deprive Madrid of a self-managed space. In this case, there are several reasons why it seems to us to be a particularly shabby move.

Firstly, we cannot even remotely understand how this government has set as a priority in the current context the resumption of the administrative process for the eviction of this social center. A place that, as we already defended in our previous communiqué, will be essential, like the rest of the social centers, for the post-quarantine scenario. It is of an enormous moral lowliness to instrumentalize the pandemic, calling a building whose activity is completely stopped a public health problem. But it is even more so at a time when tens of thousands of people are suffering the loss of friends and family, when public services are absolutely saturated and overwhelmed, and when the threat of a devastating economic recession is once again looming over the most vulnerable layers of the population. This supposedly progressive government has decided that it is precisely now that it is convenient to invest time and effort in dismantling neighborhood networks and making it difficult to organize social movements. A nonsense.

Secondly, the Ministry of Justice hypocritically renounces its own rules of the game by not admitting the allegations it has received in the open administrative procedure and thus skipping a fundamental right. After the notification of the resumption of the eviction process, a neighbor who participates in the space presented in time and form the corresponding allegations and the eviction order expressly states that there is no record, which is uncertain and we can verify it. The same people who have made a banner of a socially insensitive legalism, decide to skip their own rules and procedural guarantees, leaving us in the most absolute defenselessness when it is politically convenient. We insist on the irony of the matter: this is done by the Ministry of Justice. It takes advantage of the confusion generated by this systemic shock to sneak in the procedure for the eviction of La Ingobernable as one of the processes that, in the name of a non-existent public interest, must be concluded as soon as possible. This way of speeding up the proceedings as they please is new evidence that even they do not really believe in their legality.

Thirdly, we will find it disappointing if all this takes place under the complicit silence of a part of the government that claims to be sensitive to the needs of social movements. The importance of social centers for the quality of democracy has been publicly expressed and supported, even openly defending the project of La Ingobernable (Pablo Iglesias, Alberto Garzón, Ione Belarra, Irene Montero). We hope that they do not observe impassively this obscene aggression of their government which is, in this way, closer to the threats and forms of the PP and Almeida, accompanied by their government partners Ciudadanos and Vox, than to the social movements.

For all these reasons, we demand an immediate halt to the process of eviction from the building and the opening of a process of dialogue with La Ingobernable. We will not remain impassive in the face of this attack, because we cannot imagine a city without social centers, nor a Madrid without La Ingobernable. We call on those of you who are outraged by this situation as much as we are to join our campaign and help us to make visible what is happening.

Today, as every day, we can’t be evicted. We are Ingobernables (unmanageable).

La Ingobernable

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