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On the mobilisations at Rosa Luxemburg Platz – Berlin

April 18th. 2020. a report on the mobilisations of conspiracy theorists and Nazis in Berlin in times of the coronavirus.

Submitted to Enough 14 in German. Translated by Enough 14. Image above by @antifastnd.

I will try with a mix of portrayal, subjective perception and personal analysis:

If I compare between the images and reports from April 11, 2020 and today (unfortunately I was not on site on April 11), there were clearly considerably more people on and around Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Present were pretty much the whole Berlin Nazi scene (from conspiracy theorists to Reich citizens, Bärgida, Yellow Vests [1] to Nazi hooligans), right-wing bloggers and youtubers.

The number of cops was also considerably higher than the 100 cops mentioned by the RBB [2], there were police vans in all side streets and driveways, grids were brought in (eventually not used), a helicopter permanently flew over the whole area.

The actions by the cops during the arrests had a lot to do with staging, when the far-right film pack and the media were on the spot, the arrest was loudly resisted, and the cops proceeded with the respective rudeness.

However, these were only isolated actions, overall the cops acted relatively harmless, no comparison to actions like at Brandenburg Tor. There they did id checks when people dropped a pair of shoes and filed charges, not to mention the police violence and three prisoner transporters on site.

The whole situation made a rather bizarre impression on me, similar to the anti vaccination demonstration on Pariser Platz last year. I would not necessarily classify many people, some of them with a so-called “migration background”, as right-wing or conservative. There were also a few people who I would even classify as left-wing and who also took a stand against the erosion of basic rights.

I say quite frankly that I personally find it difficult or impossible to come to terms with the ordered residential detention, the bans on demonstrations and other restrictions. Meanwhile I also have little understanding for the privileged statements from the “scene” [3] on the subject. Of course dying is shit, at my age and with COPD [4] one might belong to the “risk group”, but meanwhile I ask myself what is more personally incriminating, to kick the bucket on Corona, or to sit out the whole story in a privileged and comparatively luxurious way, while others die miserably at borders, in camps and wars due to lived inactivity.

As a consequence, this will certainly not have been the motivation of people today, rather, I have the impression that many people are also concerned about the loss of control of their own personality, social isolation, insecurity, fears, simply the fatigue of the already long lasting and not clearly defined restrictions on going out. In addition, there is the anger, the police arbitrariness, harassment, punishment and deep cuts in living conditions and habits in parks and on the streets. At least you get the impression from conversations that you hear on the sidelines.

These are actually things that affect all people of the lower class, social isolation creates disorientation and when you talk to them, people are very receptive, willing to show solidarity in order to look for/find something like foothold.

Exactly that is what the fascists have clearly recognized and they are cleverly exploiting it. By referring to democracy, constitution, freedom of expression and assembly, preventing police state, resisting total control, they establish their nationalism, which willingly ends in the seemingly innocuous “we are the people”. And this seems to work better and better.

It’s not without reason that the media are already openly warning of “unrest” (whatever that means in Germany) and right-wing extremist violence. Anyone who is following Heise and CCC should have slowly understood where they are going. Control and networking at all levels, not questioned, not clearly defined and not controlled.

Instead of giving answers or showing visible resistance, the scene tries to play the “role model” of wtf “WeStayAtHome”, adapts to the framework of isolation set by the state and calms its conscience.

What was on the streets today has a completely different quality, the fascists manage to mobilize more strongly again and also into other target groups, to get people in front of their carts with very simple topics and to direct the events in their favour. This “gathering” (if you don’t know any faces or backgrounds) did not necessarily have the character of a Nazi rally from the point of view of “the center”. Which excuses nothing, pure statement.

Personally, this circumstance scares me more than just traipsing around alone with many aluminium hats around. While we are practicing ourselves in domicile, the fascists gain more and more space and visibility on the streets. “Whose Streets Our Streets” once was.


[1] In Germany the yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) movement was hijacked by fascists.

[2] RBB is a public broadcaster in Berlin and Brandenburg.

[3] With “the scene”, the author means the leftwing/autonomous scene.

[4] Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a type of obstructive lung disease characterized by long-term breathing problems and poor airflow.

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