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#Liebig34 #Berlin: Unforgiving. Incompatible. Non-negotiable. – Make the verdict on April 30th a disaster!

Berlin. The Liebig34 is not only a symbol of the left scene. The Liebig34 is lived anarcha-feminist, queer resistance. Not only the house, our living space, but our entire way of life in our hard-won free space will be on trial again at the end of the month and are acutely threatened. It is reprehensible on a social, political and human level to do everything possible to kick us out of Liebig34 to make room for people who earn more and live more in conformity with the system. For even more profit for the owner.

The absurdity of capitalism…

Housing is a human right! Living space is not a commodity!

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

The media describe in a pompous way how the German population helps and organizes itself in a neighborly manner during corona times and should continue to do so. This utopia of everyday, lived solidarity has long existed in leftist structures, only that it is criminalised there. Also now we want to connect ourselves on the Rigaer neighborhood, alternatively in the neighborhood everyday life, for example with Kiezbingo and Kiezradio every Friday from speakers, from the balconies, from the windows and from the street. We are criminalised disproportionately for this. They try to systematically destroy alternative self-organization – through controls and evictions.

This shows once again under what repressive pressure we live in this street.

Almost every politician speaks about solidarity, but it is just an empty phrase, which only applies to the white, German privileged population. All others are forgotten and harassed. They swing the solidarity-club. But the everyday life is denunciation, racial profiling and criminalization. It is not surprising against whom the infection protection act is applied, who is controlled and where expulsions are pronounced and where not.

The so-called danger zone, constructed by politics and cops, is again massively noticeable in the current times: copcars are parked on every street corner, cops sit out their shift for eight hours in boredom until something finally happens or they help and attack arbitrarily. Everybody in the neighbourhood has to decide whether it is possible to come home without being molested by the cops or whether we can leave the house with the dog, the child or just to take the garbage out.

Also criminalized is our court date, in which it concerns legally regarded “only” living, which is to take place nevertheless in a high-security hall in the Landgericht on 30.04.

Our structures have always been resistant and deeply solidary and every “occasion” has always been taken to criminalize us and our structures – currently it is Corona.

But this will not break our conviction and our cohesion.

We continue to show solidarity! We are for a city from below, against the city of the rich!

We will not let our fought for self-organized, anarcha-queer-feminist spaces be taken away!

Liebig34 stays!

On 30.04. the Liebig 34 will be on trial but that means all of us!

In solidarity with Potse, Meute, Syndie, Köpi and all other projects and individuals threatened by eviction!

Come to our court date 30.04.2020 9:30am Landgericht Tiergarten, Turmstraße 91.

Be solidary and creative.

Take part in our warm-up action the evening before.

Show the video (which you will find soon on our blog) in your street, your project of your shared flat, project it on walls of houses.

Be loud and take it out into the streets:

Liebig34 stays!

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