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#Madrid Quarantine City: Labour, production and consumption: the wheel of labour exploitation continues.

Madrid. These are new times. We have never before experienced a state of emergency that controlled our movements with police and military on the streets in Spain. But, although this reality is new, many of us feel a familiar siren song, a song that if followed will lead us to perdition: the call to work. And it is capitalism that sings that song.

Originally published by Madrid Quarantine City No. 2 Translated by Enough 14.

Many times throughout history capitalism has shown us its ability to adapt and reconfigure in the face of major events that may arise. And it’s hard to think of events bigger than the ones we are currently experiencing: a pandemic that has crippled the global economy in a matter of weeks. But capitalism has not been scared, it has decided to do what he’s better at: trying to keep things the same. He decided to send us the poor to die so that the rich remain rich. Once again the relationship that we have (exploited) with our bosses (capital), making it more evident. And this is a parasitic relationship of exploitation and domination, which steals our of life, when it is not taken from us in a literal sense, by the crumbs from what we produce.

This relationship is embodied in the measures that have been taken. The confinement has two interesting exceptions: working and shopping; that is, produce and consume. Just the two actions necessary to make the wheel keeps turning, so that our exploiters keep on hoarding wealth. We were all locked up in the house during the first end of the week and on Monday they forced us to go to work. They had us crammed into the subway, infecting each other, spreading the pandemic among the poor, while they continue to stay in their mansions.

It is true that the measures have since been stepped up. They have chosen the essential activities so that once the virus is contained, everything can return to normal as soon as possible. The rest, teleworking at home. In this way we will not forget that our time is theirs, and we cannot use it at will.

We risk our health and our lives by enriching others, the employers. We work under terrible working conditions and for ridiculous wages. We are the ones who sustain your world. Without us they would not exist. Let us fight against the exploitation of wage labour. Steal from your company, practice absenteeism, sabotage, organize strikes, take care of your colleagues and shit on your bosses. Everything they have has been stolen from us and we want it back.

Madrid Quarantine City, Mid-April 2020.

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