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#UK Class War Daily 14 April: Fuck off back to bed, Lazarus: No tears for this clown

UK. WE KNOW THE DEATHS are being underreported. We know that those who die in care homes or in the community are not yet being counted; people with underlying conditions are not recorded as corona cases. Even with all those caveats, we have been seeing nearly a thousand deaths a day. Every one of those deaths is a grieving family – all too often, children mourning the loss of a parent. And at the height of this crisis, among all the horrors it entailed, we were expected to give thanks that Boris Johnson had come out of intensive care.

Original published by Class War Daily (PDF file).

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Tuesday 14 April 2020: here (pdf file):

Quite frankly I couldn’t care less if Boris lives or dies. And before you all clutch your beads in public outrage, let me say I consider that to be quite a moderate position: it is after all neutral, when his actions have been anything but. Let’s not forget that, despite their gaslighting and fake news, Johnson and his Tory friends have spent not just the last decade but their whole political careers destroying the NHS. This is in keeping with their party’s opposition to its foundation, when they openly mocked it, claiming that the working class would be queuing up for free gold teeth.

When coronavirus struck, the NHS had already endured a decade of Tory cuts, following on from three decades of Thatcherite cuts and the
vampirical PFI schemes that sucked the lifeblood from the NHS as they claimed to be investing in it.

What of Johnson himself? He is on record as arguing that people would value the NHS more if they paid for it. During the election campaign he hid in a fridge rather than answer questions about a four-year-old child forced to wait on a hospital floor. So it is hardly surprising that when coronavirus struck, he displayed all the callousness we would expect from his class when dealing with working-class lives.

While some countries went for an early lockdown, he went for herd immunity. Not a bad idea in itself – when used in conjunction with a vaccine – but through his uncaring Tory lens it was little more than herding sheep across a minefield. So what if herd immunity required 60 to 70 per cent of the population to get it? So what if a fatality rate of 10 per cent would lead to over four million deaths in the UK? Keep going to Cheltenham. Keep going to work. Keep shaking hands. Keep calm and carry on. Keep dying.

No PPE? It’s your own fault – you’re using too much, says Matt Hancock. Priti Patel barks out made-up numbers, while she and her chums – who, let’s not forget, consider UK workers to be “the worst idlers in the world” – plot ways to get us back to work as quickly as possible. Back to the production lines. Back to zero hours. Back to making money for them and their chums.

Given their attitude to the lockdown, you can bet your life that they will not be erring on the side of caution. And you WILL be betting your life on it – and those of your loved ones.

Keep calm and carry on. Back to normal. And if some people die – so what? Because THAT WAS NORMAL. Back to disabled people dying in poverty. Back to homeless dying on the streets. Back to children starving in their schools. No! Not any more!

We’ve had enough of your murderous crimes!

Clap for Boris?! Not on your life. He has not been a great wartime leader. He has been Lord Haw-Haw: a collaborator who has cost us thousands of innocent British lives. We will not let him rewrite history. We will not let him keep calm and carry on killing us.

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