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Class War Daily 15 April 2020: Tories tout another decade of cuts – Get ready for more austerity

UK. YESTERDAY the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, told the media that he wanted to be “honest about the hardship ahead”. This is more evidence that the Tories have not suddenly swung to the left just because they’ve increased public spending to such levels it even gets Momentum members aroused.

Original published by Class War Daily (PDF file)

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Wednesday 15 April 2020: here (pdf file).

Once the virus is no longer the only news story, we are going to see headlines about austerity, public sector job cuts, tax rises, pension cuts
and pay freezes. We must not let the Tories get away with it. They will not unleash this hardship on their donors and the multi-millionaires they speak for. They will try to force the hardship on to us.

Ironically, they all claim to suddenly embrace public service and all the workers associated with keeping the country ticking over during
lockdown. What are they going to do to reward the nurses, care home staff, delivery drivers, postal workers and so on? We aren’t going to be fobbed off.

It is these workers that have been denied vital equipment to keep themselves and others safe. It is these workers who are at greatest risk because the government, led by that fucking oxygen-stealing clown, Boris Johnson, failed to stockpile the equipment they needed despite ample warning the virus was coming.

Just like Sunak, we also intend to be honest. We want this government of cunts and chancers out of office and made to pay for their negligence over the virus. By hook or by crook, we must get them. We must all keep shouting about what they’ve done.

We shouldn’t be surprised either that the bastards who fiddled their expenses, unleashed austerity on us, kept their money in offshore tax havens, failed to act on Grenfell and destroyed lives through Brexit suddenly want to be “honest” about the hardship they intend to hand to us as a reward for surviving a global pandemic. The Tories are fucking sick.

At the first available opportunity we need to be on the streets to bring down this government of utter bastards. We owe it to every worker and we owe it to all those who have suffered this virus. We will not forget the dead and we will not forgive the Tory gobshites who made this disaster worse by their actions and their inaction.

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