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#Italy: Call for April 25th

April 25 is a historic date in Italy. On that day Italy was liberated of the Fascist Mussolini regime and its ally Nazi Germany. Now there are more and more calls to take the streets on April 25 to protest against the authoritarian measures in times of the coronavirus. What follows is one of these calls.

Originally published by il rovescio. Translated by Enough 14.

Call for April 25th

While the government and regions are reopening places of production and trade, the ban on going out in the open air will continue until at least May. This blatant discrepancy does not respond to any “scientific evidence” (unless it confirms what a philosopher wrote more than thirty years ago, saying that the state “cuts down the giant tree of science for the sole purpose of turning it into a truncheon). On the one hand, one has to produce and consume; on the other, before people can go out, one wants to have already planned how to monitor it. That’s it. We must anticipate them, if we do not want to suffer not only the “health crisis” but also the economic restructuring that will accompany it. And what more evocative date to resist than April 25th?

We launch an appeal to violate the measures. Following the principle of caution for others and our own health. And each according to his or her own willingness. At 4:00 p.m. Alone, with a few people, in groups at a distance, even near home, with a sign, music (partisan songs, reading texts…) or any other sign of disobedience. Not waiting for permission to return to the real world, but ” traced”, medicalized by force, with the fear for the other, according to senseless criteria according to any health logic (closed places are more at risk than those in the open air, as the management of this emergency has shown too often), but very sensible according to the logic of social control. Against the production of war (which has never stopped), in solidarity with the struggling prisoners and with those recently arrested for reacting to police violence.

It is not only a question of affirming responsibility against obedience, but of making it clear that we do not accept the division between sacrificeable and salvageable; that our lives are not “data to be extracted and analyzed”; that there is no health without mutual supportive relationships with others and with nature on which we depend.

We don’t want to “live with pandemics”, but end the social organization that creates them.

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