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#Madrid Quarantine City: From the slime of these muds

Madrid. Faces of panic, helplessness or disbelief. Screaming and shouting. Moving cameras. Home movies. Uniformed henchmen humiliating, insulting, abusing, hitting… A quick glance at social media, youtube and even the “serious” media leave us a good sample of the circus of horrors with which the armed forces of power are delighting us. With special attention to the most impoverished neighborhoods and to the most unprotected bodies.

Originally published by Madrid Quarantine City No. 2 Translated by Enough 14. Image above from Ecuador. Image by Denisse Herrera.

Unfortunately, the daily abuses in neighborhoods such as Lavapiés in Madrid or San Francisco’s Bilbotarra are already famous. But now let’s take a look at an example of degradation and control beyond our borders. Assuming, of course, that this is only the hard side of democracy, that when the monopoly of the use of force is placed in the hands of the state, when the use of violence is only legitimized, both judicially and ethically, by the gunmen of power, impunity and abuse are the order of the day.

Military patrolling the streets, special powers granted to presidents (like Orban in Hungary, he is allowed to legislate from now on without parliament). The disproportionate spread of video surveillance (170,000 in Moscow), electronic systems to allow or deny exit and entry to your home (China) or tracking down permanently via cell phone as in Israel, a measure that we will soon have here as well as through the anti-coronavirus application and the of data from the telephone companies’ antennas to INE [1].

“If they understand me at all, fine; if not, they have given me the power so they can understand it the hard way.” With this phrase the head of the Argentine police began the pro-finance campaign, which includes beatings (with 12-year-old children as possible subjects), various humiliations (push-ups, ridicule dances, etc.). All this documented in disgusting videos, like in other central and south American countries. In the case of Ecuador it’s been the police themselves who have released images in which they attack with whips, sticks or belts to passers-by, with the aim to intimidate.

Perhaps the words of the Philippine president were harder. Who, uh.., with an assault rifle in his hands, claimed that he would shoot to kill
anyone who violates the quarantine. In India, workers are being sprayed with insecticides. Gases and more sticks in Kenya (where of a 12-year-old boy died). In Turkey, they will exclude everyone of the 10,000 prisoners accused of terrorist crimes (political prisoners, in practice). In Russia, the release of 230,000 persons is suspended, while the parcel service has been suspended in the whole country, which leaves the prisoners in a situation of total helplessness.

All these pieces of disgrace, not to mention the violence per se that this system is exerting against the majority of the populations of the planet, give an account of the position that they intend us to occupy in the societies that they impose on us, in fact, in several of these countries bodies start piling up on the sidewalks (Image above, from Ecuado).

… Sometimes it makes you want to take out the catanas.

Madrid Quarantine City, Mid-April 2020.


[1] The National Statistics Institute (Spanish: Instituto Nacional de Estadística, INE) is the official agency in Spain that collects statistics about demography, economy, and Spanish society. It is an autonomous organization in Spain responsible for overall coordination of statistical services of the General State Administration in monitoring, control and supervision of technical procedures.

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