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State of emergency chronicals from Sardinia Part 3:

Part 3 of the state of emergency chronicles from Sardinia in times of the coronavirus. A contribution from some muntagninos [1] from central and northern Sardinia.

Originally published by Bentruxu. Translated by Enough 14.

You will find the introduction of the State of emergency chronicals from Sardinia: here. Part 1 here and part 2 here.

In the mountains

April 15, 2020

The pandemic emergency is lived with absurdity and in a rather unreal way, especially in small territorial contexts like our mountain villages, far, at least for now, from a possible widespread and mass health problem, also because talking about mass in our contexts is certainly inappropriate. Our natural isolation is allowing us to “manage” the situation better, we don’t need exceptional “resources” to go on and we are used to live with little. There are still “sas buttecas”, the small shops for some food, and the rest can be found where it is produced. This situation has made us go back in time, tasting social relationships that the so-called globalization and its imposed lifestyles had a little watered down; we happen to meet in the sheepfolds, as in the past, we discuss, we give a hand, someone learns the little old practices, we eat well and we organize how to get back without taking too many risks with each other.

We help each other, exchanging little jobs and helping each other by creating a sort of social economy that goes beyond the imposed economy, we don’t create debts or credits but only the possibility to cope with any difficulty, like the present one, each one giving what he or she can give, without any measure, there are those who are bricklayers in exchange for good meat, there are those who are involved only to tell stories, and there are those who lend themselves for a ride in a car if someone is in a hurry to move and circumstances prevent them from doing so.

We’re used to parades in uniform, and in su vonu and in su malu we know how to manage them, we know the state and its forces well and they don’t terrify much, even if the social homologation is widening also from us, together with the induced fear and the “infectious” terror, and so some shirt is becoming weaker. The emergency context has made us, almost absurdly, take up our old experience of freedom, practiced in the countryside and mountains, where nature is our accomplice, with its silences, its shortcuts and if necessary its shelters for bad weather and for unwanted “guests” who feel less relaxed among the junipers or olive trees.

For this reason we believe that practicing self-arrest is harmful to the human spirit and almost unnatural. Putting on our boots, leather or trekking boots and tightening the straps well, every time we do it is a touch to the unconscious that prepares us for the possible escape, thinking with anger to the workers still crowded in the industrial sites of the north, who can not practice it in the name of profit. Walking in the bushes or in the woods gives us the feeling of savouring the freedom we are entitled to, as we said, and that we do not want to barter with anyone.

Comparing, from an emergency and viral point of view, our territory to the Bergamo area or to any crowded and “uncontrollable” centre we consider it an administrative madness and perhaps an unconscious colonial subjection, which we do not want to passively accept. That’s why the systemic band is too tight and we literally take it off our face, at most we keep the mask if we go into the city where the humanoid mass, a bit ‘by nature, we feel “dangerous”: We are not unconscious, we care about our old and our friends sick or weak.
Everything will be fine, with leather or hiking boots…


[1] Muntagninos: People who live in rough and rustic mountain villages.

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