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Class War Daily 16 April 2020: The long arm of the law under #lockdown

UK. THE POLICE are clearly under instruction to find and log as many instances as possible of people failing to adhere to the government’s hugely vague and contradictory instructions on social distancing that people are OVERWHELMINGLY adhering to as best they can.

Original published by Class War Daily (PDF file)

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Thursday 16 April 2020: here (pdf file).

You’ll notice the police aren’t at any Amazon warehouses or building sites or on the London Underground making sure people are “keeping safe”.

You’ll notice too that they themselves appear to be adhering to exactly ZERO of the precautions that they will kick your front door off the fucking hinges in order to make sure you are adhering to. This is nothing but the police helping the Tories get their ducks in a row for when the dust settles and people rightly want answers. They will say that the people disobeyed the instructions and have nobody to blame but themselves.

The Tories along with a shamefully complicit media are gearing up to deflect the blame for for what will be amongst the world’s highest death rates onto the innocent people that their lies, greed and incompetence left unprotected and dying by the thousand. It’s beyond sickening.

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