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Class War Daily 21 April 2020: Everybody out! General strike against the Tories – First Friday after #lockdown ends

UK. Wakey wakey. The astounding revelation since the Covid outbreak has been that the working class is so called because it does all of
the work.

Original published by Class War Daily (PDF file).

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Tuesday 21 April 2020: here (pdf file).

This motley crew of nurses, shop workers, bus drivers, lorry drivers, postal workers, cleaners, factory workers who were previously thought to be an outmoded Marxist concept or a bunch of shirkers and benefit cheats are now discovered to be heroes.

Thatcher must be turning in her grave – once we’ve dug her up anyway– having spent ten years trying to undermine the idea that the
working class existed at all. So she deliberately set out to undermine the identity of the working class by gentrification from individual council house selling to dismantling collective struggle in the workplace. This loss of class identity manifested itself at the last election where vast numbers of labour voters voted tory – directly against their own class interest.

As comrade Marx said ‘the class is only a class when it perceives it’s separate collective interests and acts in its own interests permanently.”

Now the idea of the working class for many people has radically changed back in a few weeks. Our job is to make this our slogan:

NO GOING BACK – NO GOING BACK TO THE WORLD OF BOSSES AND SERFS and no going back to deference and wage slavery.

Our class has not died in their tens of thousands to go back to the way things were before.

So Class War is calling for a one day general strike on the Friday after lockdown is ended. For such a small group as Class War to make such a call will seem a risible move for most on the left ,but we believe our class is more ambitious than its wannabe leftist leaders.

A salutary reading of Lenin’s April theses may come in handy here comrades.

There – we have made the call, we have crossed the Rubicon and as Comrade Bakunin said ”ridicule is nothing to be scared of”.


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