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Class War Daily 22 April 2020: Demand more!

UK. The other day I was talking to a union rep who works in a call centre. Asking her how her members were getting on, she told me that a lot of them were reassessing their lives in the light of the Covid-19 crisis. “They’ve all been looking at the careers support tools – cos, let’s face it, no matter how lucky management try to tell us we are, working in a call centre is a shit job – and a lot of them don’t want to go back to that!”. From what I hear they are not the only ones.

Original published by Class War Daily (PDF file).

Read the full edition of Class War Daily Wednesday 22 April 2020: here (pdf file).

Because that’s what the likes of Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer have in mind for us when they talk about getting back to normal – us going
back to the shit jobs which are little better than a living death. Shut in with managers who think you are nothing better than a profit-making machine, working to time, working to script, timed coffee breaks, timed piss breaks, forced to cut customers off if they talk for too long. No wonder people are reassessing their lives! So should we all!

Wyle-E-Coyote has looked down. Your economic model is a delusion. It is now widely accepted that the Covid-19 crisis is highlighting to people what jobs are important and what jobs aren’t – but what are we going to do about it?! Are we going allow the bankers and parasites to swan back into their privileged positions when this is all over? They are already plotting to do just this – aided by Johnson, Sunak, Starmer and Khan. But not this time! Because them reasserting their privilege means they put their boot on the neck of the care worker, the nurse, the delivery worker. You can’t clap on a Thursday then allow them to be treated like shit the rest of the time. It has to change – and it has to change for all of us.

All those jobs, bean-counting for bureaucrats and bankers, selling shit for people who couldn’t care less if we live or die. THEY ARE ALL
A POINTLESS WASTE OF OUR LIVES! All that commuting, just because the bosses chose to “rationalise” – closing all their local offices to open mega-offices across town; adding 2-3 hours to the working day, costing a fortune in travel. The workers don’t want it. The customers don’t want it. And coronavirus has shown how ill-conceived such an endless commute is. We cram onto trains to make useless journeys to work in useless jobs. We build more roads and railways, destroying our homes and our countryside for meaningless commutes to meaningless jobs. It’s a vicious circle of pointlessness and despair. Now we’ve been forced to stop and take stock do we really want to get on
this merry-go-round of death once more?

Our lives are work or starve. In these days of zero-hours contracts and the food bank, it is work AND starve! It is no better than slavery. No homes, no savings, no pensions. No hope. Yet it is the billionaires pleading poverty from their island paradise, lining up for state handouts. We can do the sums. We know they’re taking the piss. How much longer will we let them get away with it?

Meanwhile, in our communities, mutual aid networks are showing us another way. They are showing us what better things we could do with our lives. Looking after the vulnerable, feeding our neighbours, building our communities and making them beautiful. The resources we have are shown to be nothing to do with the billionaires, nothing to do with the people who claim to own the land or the factories and everything to do with the people who work to transform those resources. Our shit jobs offer meagre wages which the bastards keep slicing ever thinner. Even if we are lucky enough to scrape together a few quid in savings, we know that the rich will find a way to rip them out of our hands before we can pass them to our kids. A few years ago the banking crisis stole the life savings of many working class pensioners. Sunak is already touting more austerity to do it all over again. It’s a con trick. Money is not neutral, it works in the interests of the rich. We understand this. Money goes to money – we say it often enough. The rich use their wealth to cement their position at the top. They use money to institutionalise the class divide. The whole system is geared to keep us down. While our meagre wages; our couple of quid in savings, are meaningless. They are a symbol of the insecurity of the capitalist world rather than a buffer from it. We need to change.

In a couple of weeks Boris Johnson will be busy hijacking the VE Day celebrations. The defeat of fascism in Europe is something worth celebrating. But when the troops came home they didn’t all tug their forelocks and get back to normal. They demanded more. And so should we.

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