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#Paris – Let’s take the streets on #MayDay!

The curfew in France is much more restrictive than in this country [Germany, Enough 14]. Since yesterday there is a call to gather in Paris on May 1st at 10:00 a.m. at the Place de la République. “Capitalism is the virus. The revolution is the medicine”

Originally published by Paris-Luttes. Translated by Enough 14.

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, thousands of workers and pensioners in France and around the world have lost their lives and will continue to do so. This is in order to keep the capitalist economy running.

During this time of state of emergency, in which all our rights are suspended and new attacks by employers are prepared, the only freedom we have is the freedom to die at work. No! We are entitled not to work in conditions in which carrying out an activity poses a serious, even fatal, risk to workers.

May Day is a day of struggle.

Let us protest on May 1st to defend our right of withdrawal, demand 100% paid “technical unemployment”, organize a rent strike and satisfy all our basic needs!

For the workers, who are forced to produce in the morning and evening and travel long distances, protecting their lives means refusing to go to work, against capitalism, which forces illness and death on us. Let us denounce the capitalist system that forces us to work while a pandemic is still underway. Let us not allow the bosses to use this situation to their advantage. Let us take to the streets on May 1, respecting the essential rules of hygiene, and reappropriate our lives and our future!

At a time when the working classes are dealing with the virus and its consequences in order to stay alive, the capitalist system of exploitation is trying to escape the crisis that it has created. Whatever its decisions, capitalism cannot be the cure for the catastrophe it has dragged us into. On the contrary, the defenders of the economy will still try to make us pay the bill. In the coming days, we workers and unemployed will only survive if we all fight together.

We are anything but desperate! The dangerousness and ugliness of capitalism has become clearly visible. At the origin of a pandemic it is incapable of fighting it. The brutal discovery of the cruelty of this system, which destroys human life, other living beings and nature without calculating the cost, has triggered the search for a new way of life and a different future. That future is communism!

To brighten up this darkness, we want to meet in the street on May 1st, with our masks on and all the necessary sanitary arrangements!

Capitalism is the virus. Revolution is the vaccine!

Location: Place de la République

Time: Friday, May 1st at 10 am

Comité de solidarité avec grèves et résistance – GDDK (Solidarity Committee with Strikes and Resistance – GDDK)

The call appeared on Paris Luttes Info on 27.4.2020. There have been no demonstrations in France for weeks due to the state of emergency. All trade union mobilizations on May 1st were also cancelled.

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