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Chronicles from the state of emergency No. 6 – Wall paper from #Trentino

Comrades from Trentino (Italian territory) published their sixth wall paper about the current state of emergency which is now being pasted in several cities. You can read No. 1 here and No. 2 here, No. 3 here , No. 4 here and No. 5 here.

Originally published by Il Rovescio. Translated by Enough 14.

Original Wall paper Chronicles from the state of emergency No. 6 (Italian) as PDF file:

April 27, 2020

April 25: Signs of mutiny

The call to violate the confinement measures during the 25th of April was picked up in a rather varied and creative way. In Trento, a group of comrades took to the streets in the district of San Pio X, maintaining safe distances and demonstrating that it is possible to gather on the street, in the open air, protecting one’s own and other people’s health. The group – with the banner “Responsible, non-obedient. Resistance now and always” – remained in the street for a half an hour, with interventions, music and choirs; some supporters and inhabitants of the neighborhood approached, then a large number of law enforcement officers arrived who tried to identify and stop those present. The attempt of the cops was unsuccessful and the group went away singing choirs and waving to the people looking out from the balconies. On the same day there was also a salute to the prisoners of Spini di Gardolo.

From what we have read and heard, several banners and posters have appeared in Rovereto in memory of the partisans, against fascists and capital, in solidarity with the prisoners in struggle, against the logic of the state that wants the factories open and people locked up in their homes… Several parks have been “freed” from the barrier tapes and the prohibition signs have been replaced with others that invite to collectively use the public spaces while maintaining distances between people. In Tierno, music in the square with neighbours who brought pizza pans. In Mori, a tour through the village with music and a sign. In Noriglio, hanging banners, tour through the village with partisan songs and reading a leaflet; in Lizzanella, presence in the square with banners and music; in Fucine, signs and amplified interventions; in Brione, a group of comrades – with masks and distance between them – crossed a part of the neighbourhood with a banner (“Organize in order not to suffer anymore”) and a sound system. The first intervention under the buildings was followed with much interest by people on the balconies, who responded with a resounding applause; about ten people joined the initiative. Among the many speeches (on the structural causes of this epidemic, on the responsibilities of Confindustria [1] and the government, against technological control in the name of health…), an invitation was launched to those in financial difficulties to organize themselves in a rent strike against Itea (whose managers announced a moratorium for shopkeepers but not for tenants). Perhaps because of unannounced appointments and different schedules, police patrols and Digos arrived when the comrades were already leaving. Late in the evening, there were fireworks in three places around Rovereto.

Well said

“While industrial production is affecting the last of the forests, the production of wild food penetrates even deeper into the hunt for delicacies, plundering the last strongholds of the wilderness. And here the most exotic of pathogens, in this case Sars-2 hosted by bats, ends up on a truck – in prey or little workers change – and travels like a bullet from one end to the other of an increasingly dilated peri-urban circuit before bursting onto the world stage”. Thus a group of US epidemiologists summarize the far from mysterious causes of the current epidemic. As they are not state experts, they do not isolate the “enemy virus” from the material conditions of our lives. So they say what you will never hear on television: “The agro-industry is at war with public health. And public health is losing”. The most sensible question follows: “Can we still afford to readjust, simply, the current ways in which we take possession of nature and hope for more than a respite with these infections?”

Giving the numbers

  • 20% C.A.
  • 18% P.S.
  • 20.2% UHT

They are quarantine percentages, but they are not the ones that are poured at us daily on unified networks. They concern the purchase and consumption of ANIMALS, FISH FISH and UHT MILK. It is undeniable how the condition we are experiencing has been favoured by intensive animal farming and the consequent deforestation carried out for the cultivation of food for slaughter. To reconsider the way we look at the world, how we relate to nature, to question our own ideas, to stop considering animals as objects destined to satisfy our whims, masked by necessity. Nothing will ever be the same again. It is up to us to make it better.

“I only followed orders”

After the days of anger that exploded during the March riots in many prisons, the orders given by the Ministry can be summarized briefly: “Don’t let a fly – fly in prison”. While the infected (and the dead) are increasing among both the guards and the prisoners, how do we think certain directives can be carried out? Humiliation, stripped and beaten bodies. Even, in the prison of Caserta, shaved beards and hair. During a risky phone call a prisoner said “From “detainees” we have become “prisoners”, and there is a big difference”.

There will be those who will be indignant about the alleged “human rights” that have been trampled on, but the truth is much more immature. In prison facilities violence is what holds the balance, for it is the nature of power. When (and if) the “rotten apples” are caught among the prison police, it will have to resonate like the lie it has always been, because this is a systematic warfare operation (and hundreds of covert officers entering a section to massacre anyone who can give us an idea). And they will be sadly “right” to say that they have only followed orders feeling betrayed by their superiors. Because prison, by its very nature, is a state of exception without end, where every statement of the “upper echelons” can turn into the nightmare of death. Think about it, when they tell us that a prison guard is a “job like any other”.


[1] The General Confederation of Italian Industry (Italian: Confederazione generale dell’industria italiana), commonly known as Confindustria, is the Italian employers’ federation and national chamber of commerce, founded in 1910.

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