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#Gemany: On the call of SDA/IFA for articles for #Gaidao special edition on the “Pandemic State of emergency”

The comrades of the Federation of German-speaking anarchists want to publish a Gaidao special edition on the “Pandemic State of emergency” and call on text posts by May 20. A supportive initiative that will certainly produce an interesting online newspaper. —- Here’s the Call for Papers: —- Anarchist perspectives on the social crises associated with the Corona pandemic —- The world is facing the most violent pandemic since 1918 between the health crisis and economic standstill. Governments prescribe behaviors, initiate full bundles of measures at an urgent pace, explain the shutdown, and lace of laws to mitigate the economic follow-up costs of the crisis. Since it became more serious in the German-speaking countries, the crisis has also been used to demonstrate the strong state and to present a powerful collective experience to the population through media fireworks.

Originally published by FDA-IFA. Translated by A-Infos.

But even though we’re all mortal, we’re not all in the same boat. Comprehensive reactions to the threat to the health of a substantial part of the population – such as contact blocks, assembly and event bans – bring to the surface, what is otherwise everyday reality in the existing rule of state, capitalism, patriarchy and nature domination: in the emergency of the declared State of emergency, the hour of the executive, democratic rights and freedoms can be eliminated with an eyelash strike – which much of the population accepts or even demands. The healthcare system has been broken for years by the neo-liberal sale of public goods, both in the EU and the FRG. Workers in the health sector are not paid appropriately and care work is only worth anything in capitalism if it contributes to maximizing profit. The call and, in case of doubt, repressive enforcement of “social distancing” are enormous difficulties for homeless people, precarious employees, self-employed, women * with violent partners, prisoners, refugees in camps as well as people with social and mental problems.

Even for emancipatory social movements and anarchists, the crisis changes the conditions of action. Because certain restrictions on fundamental rights and surveillance technologies prove functional from the point of view of the rule, it is unlikely to be fully withdrawn without pressure. An online demo, video conference exchange or chat organization may be quite nice, but are not the same as the direct encounter of the participants. On the other hand, new solidarity structures are also created and the slowdown gives people time to deal with others (unless they don’t hang out on Amazon and Netflix alone or like conspiracy theories on social media).
For anarchists, in times of emergency, the basic questions arise themselves, how they actually hold it with their opponents to the state in doubt and with which social structures they would face a global threat like the Corona pandemic.

With regard to this crisis, the texts, discussions and forms of action in anarchist contexts are very diverse. This is not least because we are actually dealing with a new situation to which there are no simple answers.

We call on contributions for a special issue of Gai Dao to map the various aspects of the current crisis situation and the different perspectives on it and thus contribute to the analysis.

Questions we want to ask among other things are:
– How to analyse the current situation and the related developments?
– What shifts and new constellations arise in the state, the ratio of populations to state, in global capitalism?
– What are the consequences of the health threat and the measures and behaviours prescribed within its framework?
– What role does technocratic governance play by experts and technological instruments such as e.g. tracking smartphones?
– Who bears the consequences and costs of the current measures in the long term?
– What aspirations for self-organization are there, how do they work and what potentials lie within them?
– What opportunities do we see in the experience of solidarity against the rule order?
– How can anarchists organize, empower themselves and reach people in times of emergency?
– What personal thoughts and sensations do you have regarding the Corona pandemic and what experiences do you have during this time?

Please submit your contributions by May 20., 2020
We wish for texts that come to the point and are still not half-sided but also not lead desert. It shouldn’t be much more than 12.000 signs.
Since we will not have this special edition printed (it will only be available online), we have more space available. Yet we will make a selection.

Send your texts to Ours (new ones! ) public keys and fingerprint can be found here:

With solidarity, your Gai Dao collective

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