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May 7 – Call to action from North Carolina prisoner Joseph “Shine White” Stewart

“Any resulting (deliberately manufactured) situations then validate official claims of “problems” with gang violence justifying their demonizing labels and pre-designed intentions to enhance measures of repression and official violence against ethnic youth, demands for increased public funding for crime and “gang” control, expanding the prison and militarized police structures.”

Minister of Defense Kevin Rashid Johnson

Submitted to Enough 14.

All Power To The People,

It’s been over a year now since the J-Pay restriction policy was incorporated here in NC prisons, by now retired Director of Prisons Kenneth Lassiter. After a year of grievance writing, letter writing, and phone calls made to the administration of NC Adult Corrections the discriminatory policy remains in place. Thus, I’ve decided to elucidate on how this policy was incorporated to create hostilities amongst not only the Lumpen organizations but the entire prison populace.

On Feb 5, 2019 a J-Pay restriction policy was incorporated that prohibited all depositors from depositing funds into prisoners’ trust fund accounts via J-Pay unless the depositor had been an approved visitor on the respective prisoner’s visitation list. If the depositor hadn’t been approved as a visitor, they would be prohibited from depositing funds.

The Administration of NC Adult Corrections professed that prisons are constantly exploring methods that would improve safety/security and overall operations, that would include ensuring that all prisoners have an opportunity to reside within these Razor-Wire plantations without fear of being strong-armed and/or undue influence to commit illicit acts for monetary gains.

It is evident that prison officials’ decision to incorporate this policy wasn’t circumspect. There are several elements that refute their claims that this policy was incorporated to curb the strong-arming and/or violence within NC prisons, therefore creating an environment unsafe for both prisoners and the employees, allow me to expand.

37% of the NC Prison population is made up of prisoners who have been validated as a member of one of the many security risk groups (SRG) (“Gangs”). This shouldn’t come as a shock when there are some 2.1 million youth gang members in Amerika today. The majority of these validated prisoners come from fractured homes and poverty-stricken communities, where there isn’t a solid family bond. You may ask what does this have to do with J-Pay restrictions? Those who have been validated as SRGs are prohibited to receive visits from anyone beyond immediate family members. If the validated prisoner doesn’t have immediate family, or does but they are unable to provide financial support, the validated prisoner is compelled to become indigent. In turn, the prisoner engages in strong-arming other prisoners and committing other illicit acts for monetary gains to ensure they have the necessities. Before this policy was incorporated, the validated prisoner could receive financial support from anyone, friends, extended family members, etc.

Moreover, prisoners’ family members who have been convicted of a felony are prohibited to visit with prisoners as well. As I aforementioned many prisoners and their family members are of the proletariat/Lumpen class, thus some of them in their youth or as of recently have engaged in illicit acts to support themselves and their families, and have been convicted of a crime thus leading to a felony being put on their record. Even if they are now a productive member of society and a law-abiding citizen, they are still unable to visit with their incarcerated loved one and provide financial support due to the J-Pay restriction policy.

Then there are the immigrants who are being affected by this discriminatory J-Pay policy. The majority of incarcerated immigrants have family members who live outside the States and/or have family members who reside within the U.S. but with the Grand Wizard Donald Trump’s harsh immigration laws, these family members avoid any state or federal entity, therefore they are unable to procure the state identification that’s required to apply for visitation rights with prisoners.

This policy seems to target these who are black, brown, or poor whites. If the goal is to curb the strong-arming and/or violence, then this policy isn’t an effective way to do so. I myself can tell you firsthand that this policy has increased both strong-arming and violence within these Razor-Wire plantations, therefore leading to “validated official claims of “problems” with gang violence” requesting increased public funding to control the problem.

Two months after this J-Pay restriction policy was incorporated, assaults and other acts of violence increased by 21%. Guards were armed with Tasers. How can these sadists who already murder, beat and brutalize prisoners with impunity and total immunity from legal challenge be trusted to hold such a deadly weapon, responsibly? We’re all aware of how trigger-happy these pigs are with the cans of chemical mace strapped to their hindquarters.

Those who are able to receive financial support because the aforementioned impediments don’t hinder their loved ones from providing financial support are being strong-armed and extorted for their property, if they’re not affiliated with one of the many gangs. Prisoners who wouldn’t usually join gangs are doing so at alarming rates, in order to be protected from other gangs. With this policy, prison officials have fostered an environment where the weak are being strong-armed/extorted and the violence between the gangs has increased drastically due to a stagnant economy. “Poverty breeds violence”. If the goal is to curb violence and to ensure safe living conditions for prisoners, then this policy makes no logical sense at all.

Hitherto all attempts to have this policy rescinded have failed, mainly due to the support of outside advocates being limited to NC only. Recently my dear Komrade Keith “Malik” Washington reached out to me and shared some of his contacts with me to help with the distribution of this call to action. So with all that, to those reading these words I entreat you assist with the following.

On May 7, 2020 and the days following, prisoners here in NC need for you all to participate in the phone zap on both the senators who make up the Senate Select Committee for Prison Safety and the Administration of NC Adult Corrections.

I entreat that you all express to the aforementioned officials how this J-Pay restriction policy violates the equal protection clause of both the US and the NC Constitutions. Express how it’s very discriminatory and has increased the violence within NC prisons. If you’re unable to get through to these officials, please send an email or call and leave and message.

The Chairman of the Senate Select Committee for Prison Safety Bob Steinburg can be reached at:

Phone: 919-715-8293


Secretary of NC Department of Public Safety Erik Hooks can be reached at:

Phone: 919-662-4500


Commissioner of NC Adult Corrections Todd Ishee can be reached at:

Phone: 919-838-4000

House Phone: (330)544-4425


I’m aware that we’re all enduring this pandemic and some may think that my timing is inconsiderate and selfish, but with the majority of you being out of work and compelled to stay indoors due to the coronavirus, you have free time on your hands. What better way to use it than to fight against a system that’s oppressing thousands of prisoners here in NC? So let’s Dare to Struggle and Dare to Win. FREE KOMRADE MALIK.

All Power To The People

Joseph “ShineWhite” Stewart

White Panther Organization

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