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#Wuppertal on May 1st: State of siege yesterday at Loher station…

Wuppertal. Germany. May 2nd. 2020. A message from Café Tacheles to Wuppertal police.

Originally published by Café Tacheles Facebook page. Translated by Enough 14.

State of siege yesterday at Loher station…

Here is some information for the Wuppertal police:
our children have been riding their bicycles to Elberfeld every day for over a month now, distributing warm meals to homeless people, it is not necessary to chase them with a police van. There was lasagne in the containers. It doesn’t do any harm.

Let’s assume that several autonomists stormed masked out of our house and had held an unregistered demonstration on the Trasse [1], anarchy had not arisen afterwards. Do not worry.

Autonomists and left-wingers are and have always been in solidarity with the weaker members of society (o.k., except for those who are spineless and have weak principles , nobody likes them). Therefore, from the very beginning, they responsibly dealt with the danger of spreading the corona virus. Above all, they like to keep a minimum distance to police forces, you just do the same.

The droplets secreted by leftists are no more contagious than those of far-right conspiracy theorists who were allowed to demonstrate unhindered on Laurentiusplatz, oh and as you can hear without registration, but with announcement…

If there are any questions left, please feel free to contact us!

Café Tacheles, May 2nd, 2020.


[1] The Nordbahntrasse (also called Trasse) in Wuppertal is an approximately 22 km long, wide foot, bicycle and inline skating path on the former railway lines 2423 (Rhenish line) and 2713 (coal line).

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