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State of emergency chronicals from #Sardinia Part 5: “The worst thing is not so much the content of these lies, but that people believe them”

Part 5 of the state of emergency chronicles from Sardinia in times of the coronavirus.

Originally published by Bentruxu. Translated by Enough 14.

April 28, 2020.

The end of April brings some days of historical memory with it, now completely absorbed by the institutions and emptied of the conflictual character that marked the moments they remember. This was the case for the 25th of April, a workhorse even for the PD, and it will be so for the 1st of May, celebrated by the same state that goes hand in hand with Confindustria, responsible for the thousands of infections in the factories of Northern Italy.

Even today, April 28th, is a special day for those who live in Sardinia. In 1794 in Cagliari [1], an insurrectionary movement chased away the Piedmontese and their viceroy , showing the strength of the people.
For us who live in the new millennium, there are no longer Piedmontese tyrants or viceroys, democracy, the true protector of individual freedom, has undermined the old world, becoming the bearer of a more just and egalitarian system.
Here in Sardinia we no longer suffer the abuse of the overseas conquistadors, we even enjoy a kind of governmental autonomy! To administer the island we are thought of as true defenders of the land and local culture, we can rest assured that as long as they are there no one will come to plunder land and communities, Sardinia finally has the dignity it deserves!
The worst thing is not so much the content of these lies, but that people believe them.

The reality is really far from it, and it tells us about something completely different. It tells us about a party that poses as a defender of the interests of the Sardinians but prefers to ally itself with those who have always traduced the island and its people. A party led by a puppet, Solinas, who in these days is demonstrating how little his word is worth and the autonomy he preens himself with. A party that continues to facilitate those who exploit people and devastate the territory.
But that tries to redeem itself by speaking in limbo today, as if that was enough to erase the shameful Italianist and servile conduct with which it has distinguished itself.
Autonomy, they say. It really doesn’t look as if this has made us free to choose for ourselves.

The experience of these months has forced us to face difficulties, renunciations, sacrifices and in some cases even major suffering. However, it has also had the merit of showing us some aspects that institutional policy tends to hide from us, such as the fragility and dependence of the meagre economy of exploitation with which we struggle to survive. For us, therefore, the real challenge will be to try to create our own phase 2 and then 3 and 4 and so on, looking for and proposing glimmers of self-management within the territories we live in, unmasking the askari [2] that are serving the interests of the masters and experimenting with new forms of coexistence between us and our land, more balanced and respectful towards ecology and freedom.


[1] On 28 April 1794, known as sa dii de s’aciappa (“the day of the pursuit and capture”), people in Cagliari started chasing any Piedmontese functionaries they could find.

[2] An askari (from Swahili: Askari, means: soldier, or military) was a local soldier serving in the armies of the European colonial powers in Africa, particularly in the African Great Lakes, Northeast Africa and Central Africa. The word is used in this sense in English, as well as in German, Italian, Urdu and Portuguese. In French, the word is used only in reference to native troops outside the French colonial empire. The designation is still in occasional use today to informally describe police, gendarmerie and security guards.

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